Tagged: Secret Six, Bane, Scandal Savage, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll, Jeannette, Black Alice, . I had at least a passing familiarity with nearly all of the stories chosen by Christy Blanch for her Gender in Comic Books SuperMOOC. The opening scene is a strange one that introduces the villain, Junior, and his henchmen who remind me a lot of Shlubb and Klump from Sin City (at least the movie version). And they were buying alcohol because they’ve got a horribly misguided plan to get Scandal Savage out of her alcohol-induced semi-coma over the death of her lover, Knockout. It sets up the men to be the characters most concerned with emotion and feelings – leading to two of the key moments in the book.
If we rarely see the consequences of these actions, we DO often see team hookups which leads Scandal to view Bane’s paternalistic relationship towards her with skepticism at first. The ramifications of possessing this card for a villain lead to one of the darkest bits of humor I have ever seen – the scene in which Junior, the main villain on this arc, goes to a confessional.
Again we see uncharacteristic feelings from a male character as Deadshot pretends to double-cross everyone and take the card and Tarantula for himself. After all that great storytelling we come to what I believe are the weakest parts of the story.
Le premier tome du secret de Ji nous entraine dans une contree imaginaire fort bien depeinte par l'auteur. If you find any characters that appear in this issue but are not included on the page, please add them to the Appearances list of the comic issue template. We’ll get back to them later because I think the scene that follows is the best at setting the tone of this story arc.

When we first see Junior he’s in a box and appears to be some sort of demonic force that devours a man (after pulling him into the box). Tous ne revinrent pas de ce pelerinage et aucun des temoins survivants ne revela jamais de ce qui leur ete arrive pendant ces quelques jours. Son intrigue nous entraine dans un monde original, ses personnages sont incroyablement attachants et lorsqu'on lit les premiers chapitres, on ne peut plus quitter le bouquin avant la fin. Because Scandal is a lesbian (lamented by one of the characters) there is no chance of a hookup. The absurdity of an item essentially inspired by Monopoly, but which everyone is willing to kill over.
When the priest will not forgive him because Junior does not display contrition, Junior kills him and proclaims that his backup plan has failed. Reste un petit manque de profondeur dans la psychologie de ceux-ci et un monde un peu trop simple et manicheen. However, the description of the book seemed to be one of wanton violence and naughtiness since the team wasn’t made up of heroes. The team members are free to act in the best interests of the team without having to worry about love or jealousy causing anyone to act irrationally. The reveal is incredible as it reveals the damage of physical and sexual abuse through the visual metaphor that is possible in a comic book world.
It was such a weird idea I had to re-read that section three times to make sure I understood. Tarantula, the person who stole it from Junior and who they broke out of prison, states this is exactly why it was made by Neron.

I think it’s incredibly interesting that Junior is sufficiently scared of the thought of Hell to seek the card (and the backup plan), but is not scared enough by the thought of Hell to have avoided all his sins. She was an FBI agent investigating Junior who goes into deep undercover and so the FBI prosecutes her for having gone rogue.  Perhaps Gail just ran out of space to tell the story when she had seven issues for the entire arc, but it seemed flimsily thrown together. Although Gail Simone doesn’t mention it within this story arc, it probably takes on extra significance to Bane since he grew up in prison without his parents. This leads her to turn her body into a grotesque thing that no one would find attractive.  However, the shame and pain remains in her insistence that no one look at her.
However, the team is cynical enough and mercenary enough to put their bickering aside to get the card to their employer because they’re going to get a ton of money.
But I can’t stay disappointed at Gail over this character, not when it led to one of my favorite jokes in the story involving how she was changed into her villain costume.
The rest of this post, as most of the posts on this site, will contain significant spoilers. I think the most interesting thing about the card is that it would probably lead to World War III were it to exist in our world.

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