Dental Plus - Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Care - all at significant savings! The Jewish Foreign Policy exchange, part 3: Are universalists truly engaged in Jewish affairs? The dirty secret of Hollywood, as comedian Rob Corddry said, is that everybody listens to Howard Stern. The guest list is pure Stern: On the one hand, yet-to-be-named politicians and cultural icons like David Letterman and Sarah Silverman.

Why have some ethnic groups succeeded far beyond the norm in America, the authors asked, while others lagged behind? Looking at Jews along with the Chinese, Mormons and Indians, Chua, who is Chinese-American, and Rubenfeld, her Jewish husband, pinpoint three traits that account for success. A generation has been raised on his brand of humor, and it is somehow heartening to hear them come into the studio, one after another, and tell Howard how much he has influenced them. On the other, an assortment of freaks Stern has made regulars — Elephant Boy, Bobo, Marianne from Brooklyn.

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