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Evidence of this is noticeable when his character Brantley (a non-smoker) puts his feet up on the desk and reveals dozens of burn marks from extinguishing cigarettes with his shoe.
My patience with his idiosyncratic obsessions ran out quite abruptly when I saw The Darjeeling Limited and I assumed that I was done admiring his brand of entertainment. Fox and I had to re-examine my lack of patience, because it was truly the most Wes Andersony movie ever made. I ended up hanging my affection for that film on the change of venue (animation over live-action) and the fact that The Fantastic Mr. And then there was Moonrise Kingdom – a return to live-action that was the new most Wes Andersony movie ever made. It could even be read as a critique of these familiar themes, all without being too overtly intellectualized. According to his autobiography, the reasons for being dismissed were and still are unknown. When Brantley visits his distant uncle, Howard Prescott, who runs a multi-million-dollar company, he is given a job in the company’s mail room.
Brantley sees how poorly the company is being run and decides to create a position under the name Carlton Whitfield, to influence and improve the company’s operations. Soon things get unexpectedly out of hand, not in the least because of his aunt, his girl and leading a double life.
Tony Revolori and Saoirse Ronan achieve a lot in the more ancillary lead roles, but, in terms of performance, the movie really does belong to Ralph Fiennes. The role of Gustave was reportedly written specifically for Fiennes by Anderson and plays to his strengths, specifically his friendly disposition and inclination to turn on a dime when dramatically appropriate. Also note that all of the actors speak in their natural accents, despite their characters’ origins. He’s probably one of the few actorswho started his movie career at those days who I still admire. It shows howBrantley Foster, a talented and well-educated young man coming fromrural Kansas, goes to New York to find a suiting job and a nicegirlfriend.

Before leaving Kansas for theBig Apple, his father had bought him a return ticket home and hismother gave him the address of his in New York living uncle, HowardPrescott, just in case when he should need some help. Like Anderson’s other films, the sound design is delicately crafted into many intervening layers, but is rarely all that aggressive. The man that comesclosest for this kind of role is probably Jim Carrey, but even then youwould get a completely different kind of movie. Still, though, even these scenes are more heavily supported by the music, which has a solid LFE influence, thanks to kettledrums and deep organ keys.
I’m not sure if it was advertising, casting, or a better release window, but, whatever the reasoning, it really seems to have resonated with mainstream audiences. I’m not sure if this success can secure Anderson any more freedom as a filmmaker (he already makes the movies he wants to make without any notable producer interference) and fear that it will solidify his anti-growth as a filmmaker, but am intrigued by the possibility of renewed studio interest in his career. Anyway, Fox’s Blu-ray looks and sounds basically perfect, but includes only a handful of brief extras.
The suitswho don’t talk to the mailroom staff, whose ties cut off the flow ofblood to their brains, and who cut down the effectiveness of theircompany are looked at with a jaundiced eye.Is it possible for a someone from the mailroom to open up an office,get himself a secretary, and start operating within the organisation asa suit?
I wouldfind it unbelievable, had I not witnessed for myself the kind ofconditions that would allow this sort of thing to happen in a largeorganisation. I dare say anyone who had the nerve could do it.Michael J Fox turns in a good performance as the protagonist.
Fox’sinnocent good-natured character that drives what might otherwise beonly a mildly amusing movie.
Nevermind find a job,he can’t even seem to get past the interview stage, with one rejectionafter another. And these are some of the funniest lines in the films.Especially, when Brantley asks his interviewer how he can gethard-nosed business experience if no one will hire him. But Brantely has his sights onbigger, better things, and uses his newfound position to establish hisplan. He has trouble separatingthe two, when he has to keep hiding Carlton Whitton from his uncleHoward, who obviously knows who he is. He simultaneously has to hidehis true identity from a fellow coworker that he falls in love with(Helen Slater). Add to the mix that Howard is having an affair withChristy (Slater) and asks her to spy on Cartlon Whitton because hesuspects a spy within his company during rumors of a hostile takeover.Can Brantley keep up with it all? He never seems to get too angry, even after figuringthat some people in the company were trying hard to screw him out ofhis job (both as Carlton and as Brantley).
But, his charm and some ofthose strange mishaps (the sequence with the four characters at thetownhouse sneaking around at night is a nice arrangement) keep themovie going.

Fox and Helen Slater look very well together and I know no one elsecould have played in the movie and looked that good.
They played theirparts extremely well and I would recommend this movie to anyone lookingfor a (romantic) comedy.
I wish that the directors would have done asequel because I just couldn’t get enough. My 6 year olddaughter really gets into the movie as well and says that sheabsolutely loves the movie also. From where Brantley leads a double life ashe creates Carlton Whitfield and sets about bluffing his way to the topand into the heart of sexy executive Christy Wills (Helen Slater).Michael J. It's the sort of 80s film that has managed to breakout of that decade and still be enjoyable in this latest, power driven,age. The formula is safe and plays out as expected, and the soundtrack,including notable movie riffs, adds to the high sense of energetic funon offer.
Wafer thin plot be damned, Fox delivers on the star vehiclepromise and he in turn is backed up by a smashing turn from MargaretWhitton. Fox as a young ambitious businessmanwho leaves his Kansas farm for the big apple with a job lined up and he hasplans to make it big.
Fox and it isa good movie but it is a formula movie where the good guy wins and you havethe typical misunderstandings, the farcical moments and double entendresthat are typical in such a movie.It is funny overall but there is little that is laugh out loud funny.
Fox’s formula forsuccess at the time which was his boyish charm and know how on screen tohave the most appeal. He plays the same character he did in Back to theFuture, but that one was better.The acting is as good as can be expected, Helen Slater does a good job asthe key love interest, Margaret Whitton does good as his aunt, John Pankowis very good as his friend, Gerry Bamman does a nice job as his boss, butthere is one actor I should mention as well.
Here he plays the not too niceboss of the company where Fox works.I liked the message of the movie. In the end you can see that people thatare rich and poor can live together, and you see someone can make it againstodds if they really want to, you also see corporate America in a not toogood light. Fred Gwynne who many would remember as Herman Munsterhas a very small part and should have been in it more.

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