In Afghanistan, over 20,000 pieces of ancient gold jewelry and artifacts were discovered in 1979. Afghanistana€¦a nation rich in history, and in beautiful ancient artifactsa€¦But in the last three decades, war has devastated this country, and many of its treasures have been lost or destroyed. I have found a film copy now and should be able to view it in the next few weeks – and also hopefully produce DVDs from the actual movie film. Philae was, as the plural name indicates, the appellation of two small islands situated in latitude 24° north, just above the First Cataract near Aswan. Beyond the entrance into the principal court are small temples, one of which, dedicated to Isis, Hathor, and a wide range of deities related to midwifery, is covered with sculptures representing the birth of Ptolemy Philometor, under the figure of the god Horus. Quite an exciting find – This is a film that many people have looked for over many years including myself of course. Judy, a talented architect, is given her dream job when she is asked to restore it to its former beauty.

It was formerly an island in the First Cataract of the Nile River and the previous site of an Ancient Egyptian temple complex in southern Egypt.
Philae proper, although the smaller island, is, from the numerous and picturesque ruins formerly there, the more interesting of the two. The story of Osiris is everywhere represented on the walls of this temple, and two of its inner chambers are particularly rich in symbolic imagery. Can you imagine the psychological scar, the mental fatigue that would happen just seeing your country plundered like that? Just as she is about to begin, Gatsby's criminal past intrudes and she finds herself caught up in a kidnapper's scheme to discover the notorious socialite's secret treasure. The complex was dismantled and relocated to nearby Agilkia Island during a UNESCO project started because of the construction of the Aswan Dam, after the site was partly flooded by the earlier Aswan Low Dam for half a century.
Upon the two great propyla are Greek inscriptions intersected and partially destroyed by Egyptian figures cut across them.

Immerse yourself in an adventure full of puzzles and hidden object scenes entwined with Gatsby's devoted love and criminal dealings in The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure!
It is composed of Syenite stone: its sides are steep and on their summits a lofty wall was built encompassing the island. Their quiet dedication to preserve their cultural heritage and history saved it from plunder.

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