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Through his magic, Santa has raised scores of elves to help spread joy and happiness around the world. But on her first day of school there, language instructor Han So Yoon (Moon Geun Young) discovers a buried corpse.

K? c? phim ma nh?ng trang khac khong co, chung toi cung s? c? g?ng h?t minh d? b?n du?c xem phim ma minh yeu thich m?t cach s?m nh?t. As the townspeople speculate on the identity of the dead person and the reason she was killed, Han So Yoon and Police Officer Park Woo Jae (Yook Sung Jae) becomes determined to uncover the truth.
D?c bi?t kho phim m?i nh?t 2013, phim b? Thai Lan, phim tam ly tinh c?m, phim chi?u r?p du?c c?p nh?t lien t?c va nhanh nh?t.

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