The Secret Village este un thriller psihologic, in care doi straini inchiriaza o casa intr-un mic sat, pentru a cerceta intoxicatiile cu cornul secarei (ergot) si misterioasele izbucniri de isterie in masa. Ambitious young journalist Rachel (Ali Faulkner, Butcher Boys) is determined to make a front-page splash by unraveling the mystery behind an outbreak of strange events in a secretive small town located in the scenic Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Produced by Midnight Friends, The Secret Village features elements of horror but does not frighten the viewer in the least.
Rachel este o frumoasa jurnalista care se documenteaza pentru un articol, care spera ea ca va fi senzational. Outsiders are unwelcome in the insular community and the locals are unwilling to divulge information about the village’s sinister history to inquisitive out-of-towners.
Night Shyamalan-like twist ending resolves a few mysteries and explains Ali Faulkner’s persistent bewildered expression, but strains credibility. Indeed, the townsfolk are so hostile that anyone delving too deeply into the town’s backstory is placing their lives in jeopardy. Symptoms include seizures, mania or psychosis, headaches, hallucinations and central nervous system damage.

One would expect a few scares in a story replete with witches, cemeteries, periodic outbreaks of ergotism causing mass fatalities, cultists… but The Secret Village is entirely devoid of thrills and chills. It isn’t much of a shock finish for a film that purports to be a horror-mystery-thriller.
Harvey’s stories have appeared in numerous publications including Cinema Retro, Filmfax,Shock Cinema, Rue Morgue, Scarlet: The Film Magazine, National Post, Jerusalem Postand The Globe and Mail. Ergot outbreaks have decimated the village’s population at least 100 times since the days of the Salem Witch Trials.
The Secret Village‘s jumbled editing turns this 93-minute horror-thriller into a mind-softening endurance contest.
Aged, harmless-looking hooded figures wander about the village, their presence unexplained.
In fact, the presence of the hooded figures isn’t even explained; nor do they have any impact on the story! I hate to trash a movie so thoroughly, but The Secret Village really doesn’t have much going for it.

Intoxicatiile care au afectat acest mic satuc de ani de zile si misterioasele activitati sunt tinute secrete de catre localnici. At times, the story is so incomprehensible that the viewer even questions if The Secret Village was assembled properly.
There is no law enforcement presence in the Secret Village: its inhabitants do not recognize the legitimacy of the United States government. Rachel is pursued (but never caught) by mysterious strangers, one of whom is intent on injecting a drug into her neck.

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