Sinopsis: La pelicula va sobre una periodista, Rachel, viaja al misterioso pueblo de Shalen, decidida a desentranar el misterioso brote de histeria colectiva surgido entre los habitantes del pequeno pueblo. Sin embargo todo se complica cuando el contacto de Rachel en el pueblo desaparece sin dejar ni rastro. I think the storyline had potential because the jump out of your seat factor was there but inbetween the movie just seems to drag on a little too slow. I was actually scared and jumped a few times when the scary parts came up but besides that, it was a tad boring.
It explained why Rachel (Ali Faulkner - The Song, Butcher Boys, Bad Kids Go to Hell) was doing everything she did and what really happened to her during the whole movie.

The acting was a little bland as well but the background music went accordingly with the scenes - made me jump a few times!!!
The Secret Village (2013) black and white movie cover made it enticing to see this movie so I did. The Secret Village contains mystery, thrills, jump out of your seat scares and a little bit of love to go with it. The Sisters were creepy as ever and suddenly appears when they want to which totally creeps me out. The Secret Village is about journalist Rachel and an unsuccessful screenwriter Greg (Jonathan Bennett - Deadly Retreat, Submerged, Misogynist) researching an outbreak of mass hysteria in a small secluded village.

They both soon began to work on the same project and that is to solve the mystery case of mass hysteria.
While working on the project, they grew closer to each other and Rachel began to trust Greg with her secrets and all that she has learned about the village so far. Whittier, Karin Duseva, Darleen Zradi, Tobi Gadison, Olivia Marchione, Alexa Green, Miriam Weisbecker, Linda White, Adrianne Balcom, William Taylor, John W Bard, Hana Kenny, Meshell Bordeleau, Tomas Condon, Randy Cormier, Mike Doraby, Matt JadeDirector: Swamy M.

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