Knigge (born in 1752), was known for his involvement in the Illuminati, and in later years, suffered financially and socially for his involvement. Nearly 100 years following the Illuminati’s demise, Reuss (born in 1855) attempted to reinstate the Bavarian Illuminati’s presence in Europe.
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During the Illuminati’s formation in the 18th century, nearly 2,000 individuals from across Europe individuals joined the Order, including some well known historical figures.
On May 1, 1776, Weishaupt launched the Order of the Illuminati (also called the Bavarian Illuminati) with the hopes of combating prejudice, religious and governmental abuse of power, and gender equality.
While formally educated as a law scholar, Goethe secretly released sets of poems, anonymously. Soon after, he began discussing and worked to establish the Ordo Templi Orientis, another secret society.
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After joining the Illuminati, Knigge worked with the group for nearly three years before leaving; constant disagreements with founder Adam Weishaupt pushed Knigge to suspend membership.
Following a government edict to shut down all secret societies, Weishaupt fled his homeland of Ingoldstat, living and writing about enlightenment, the Illuminati and other thoughts. Following his leave, Kniggee lost social rank and endured financial hardship before dying 13 years later.

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