Special Features Secret Window is another "quickie" Blu-ray release, meaning that even though viewers will get the benefit of the enhanced video and audio qualities afforded by the new format, the rest of the package is firmly rooted in DVD territory.
All extras are presented in letterboxed standard definition and have previously appeared in the 2004 DVD release. Wallpaper images in the Johnny Depp club tagged: johnny johnny depp depp actor movie scenes secret window mort rainey. The only high-definition content outside the movie presentation is a preview trailer for the movie The Covenant. 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean., born in Kentucky on June 9th 1963 has followed a bizarre road, consequently landing him as one of todays top Hollywood actors.

The additional material -- including the full-length commentary track -- is subtitled in English, French, German, and Dutch.
If it wasn't for the wonderful documentary that comes with this DVD, this would be a great commentary. The featurettes are produced by Laurent Bouzereau, who has done many of Steven Spielberg's featurettes, and these three are up to the quality we've come to expect from Bouzereau. And this one, is very good." This line, from the short story by Stephen King, and repeated with such muted insanity by, is in a nutshell. Say those two names out loud, five times fast) dominate the interviews, along with Hutton and Dutton (whee!

The best segment is Secret Window: A Look Through It, which goes into depth on Depp and Turturro's looks for the film, its pivotal scenes and more. Jumping straight out of horror phenomena Steven King and into movies, The enlightens us in the mysterious ways a mind may work under certain circumstances.

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