1:47 pm July 4, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share +1Funcom has launched their new The Secret World today in the form of a MMORPG and has accompanied the launch with a new launch trailer, revealing what you can expect from the game.
Together with a storyline from the imagination of Ragnar Tornquist, the creator of the award-winning The Longest Journey. One of many online role-playing games, The Secret World1 continues the trend in popular culture to fictionalize the Bavarian Illuminati and Knights Templar.

This fictional Illuminati uses the image of a circle in a triangle, reinforcing conspiracists' unsubstantiated claims that the all-seeing eye and pyramid image found on the USA great seal is also the symbol of the Illuminati.
The appearance of the USA great seal in the online marketing of this game unfortunately taps into common conspiracy theories identifying the Illuminati and the Knights Templar with Freemasonry. What a wyvern has to do with magic, and what magic has to do with conspiracy theory are questions that can only be answered in the world of fiction.

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