Although I have not been properly impressed by an MMO for years, I was oddly excited about The Secret World. In some ways, the Secret World has taken some pretty impressive steps for what is proving to be a very difficult genre to succeed in if you’re not Blizzard, but in others, it fails quite dismally. Players can choose between three different factions: the New York based Illuminate, the Seoul based Dragon, and the London based Templars. It’s not that much unlike Star Wars: The Old Republic in that regard, and you are encouraged to pursue the story rather than adopt the more free-form approach that World of Warcraft and many other MMOs employ. As I mentioned, the combat systems are about as engaging as we have come to expect from the genre. One of the most seemingly noteworthy diversions that The Secret World makes is the lack of a traditional levelling system. While throwing out the character levelling system sounds interesting, it doesn’t really add anything positive, and it does make things less clear. I did quite like the dungeons, which for the most part are fun and require a level of tactical deliberation that will appeal to gamers who appreciate a bit of depth. It also doesn’t help that the game is still buggy, although this is being improved with each frequently released patch. If you are an MMO veteran looking for something a little bit different, then The Secret World might be worth checking out. Desi Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, cel mai nou joc produs de Funcom, nu s-a bucurat de succesul scontat, compania continua sa produca jocuri online. Producatorii doresc sa aduca un suflu nou pe piata MMORPG-urilor printr-un stil de joc care nu contine clase de personaje si nu necesita crestere in nivel.
Funcom este o companie norvegiana din Oslo cunoscuta pentru jocurile Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey, Dreamfall si Age of Conan.
Afla care sunt cele mai noi tehnologii care au schimbat complet fata aparatelor de aer conditionat. Ci troviamo in un mondo post apocalittico che in qualche modo cerca di rievocare un ibrido tra Left 4 Dead e Vampire: The Masquerade, ovvero il connubio di zombie, morti viventi e ogni essere abominevole appartenente a quella specie, combinato ad una serie di sette stilose. I simply could not help but look forward to what promised to be a fresh setting and a new take on the MMO genre.

They’re the guys that gave us Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, as well as Anarchy Online, and some other stuff.
You are given a reasonable selection of customization options, although don’t expect to make any formal class decisions (there aren’t any), or even stat choices at this stage.
What becomes immediately apparent early on is that The Secret World has been designed with an emphasis on the single-player experience. In fact, a few hours in I started to feel that my link to the broader MMO world was tenuous and at times superfluous.
The combat, while not revolutionary, was probably slightly more enjoyable than what I am used to in MMOs, and the new setting made it feel fresh.
Nope, there are various real world locations that you will get to explore in The Secret World, including New York, London, Egypt, Transylvania, and New England.
However, most of the time I would find myself giving up and resorting to Google to find my way through what felt like impossible obstacles. So if you hate monotony, repetition, and gameplay cycles that don’t really rely on any skills that you can hone, then you should steer clear. It’s harder to tell if you are strong enough to take on a particular enemy, and you can’t really be sure if you are in an area appropriate to your character’s skill level. Sadly, the game’s focus on the single player experience means that you won’t regularly be channelled towards these instances. There simply are not many incentives to encourage you to bother with the PvP, which is for the most part clumsy, bland, and poorly balanced. The world does a good job of creating an atmosphere, and the characters, scripting and voice acting are for the most part very good. The Secret World, proiectul aflat in dezvoltare in acest moment in Oslo, a fost dezvaluit pe 11 mai 2007. Premisa jocului este disparitia treptata a barierelor dintre realitate si supranatural, iar jucatorii trebuie sa lupte impotriva monstrilor mitologici, intr-o lume in care viata de zi cu zi se intersecteaza cu situatii de cosmar. Pe partea de combat, ni se promite posibilitatea de a lupta cu o mare varietate de mijloace, de la magie neagra si arme stravechi si pana la arte martiale si arme de foc.
I did not like the controls, which felt a little clumsy, but dialogue was off the bat of a higher quality than I had come to expect from MMOs.

This was an exciting prospect, and I began to feel genuinely excited about The Secret World.
Despite its efforts to make meaningful changes to the MMO template, everything began to drag out and feel tired.
Skill points unlock new levels of gear and stat boosts, while ability points let you choose new abilities from a wheel. Essentially, there are still character skill levels, they just aren’t summarized neatly in a number that floats above your avatar, and more importantly, your enemies’ heads. There is not even a group finding tool to facilitate what should be a core component of any multiplayer game: actually playing with other people. To make things worse, I experienced long queues which ultimately resulted in me spending very little time in that portion of the game. The focus on the single player experience is a little disappointing, especially considering that you are paying R150 per month, ostensibly to facilitate a consistent online world where you can enjoy the company of other gamers. Astazi, Funcom a oferit publicitatii noi imagini (un poster, artwork CGI) si un trailer din The Secret World. While many of the quests are framed quite nicely, the actual gameplay remains boring and repetitive. Ad ogni modo, passata la fase di tutorial immancabile in ogni Mmorpg" >Mmorpg, potremo finalmente affrontare il mondo di Secret World come si deve. The content itself is often quite interesting, although the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
Dopo questa ambiziosa e soddisfacente produzione, Funcom ci ha preso gusto ed ha annunciato un Mmorpg" >Mmorpg dedicato al re degli Iboriani, ovvero Conan" >Conan il Barbaro. La scelta coraggiosa di non voler imporre al giocatore un sistema di classi vecchio stile, porta il giocatore a poter personalizzare il proprio personaggio in modo assolutamente libero, nel bene e nel male.

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