Conservation of the nation's forests in wartime was the main focus of posters commissioned by the Forest Service of the U.S. Government were often works of art by notable artists of the 1940s to inspire, inform, and educate the American people about the war efforts and requirements of the United States and the Allied Countries. Forest fire prevention was even more important during wartime because we had a great need for lumber as a war material and our manpower which might have been used in the Untied States to fight forest fires was spread around the globe fighting the axis trying to save the earth from evil.

These historic Patriotic WWII poster artworks are public domain images because are vintage posters they are copyright free images, works of art in the public domain, download and use them free and freely. This poster is a good example of one artist's caricaturized conception of the monstrous dictators of the Axis alliance Nazi German Adolph Hitler and the Jap Hideki Tojo as hateful despicable creatures through a mere distorted picture. God Bless America, may it's patriotic ideas and ideals survive forever against any and all enemies; prey for the United States of America and it's protectors which are in harms way.

Ridiculing the enemy and rendering him inhuman monstrous ugly and ominous using caricatures was a universal poster propaganda technique practiced by all war participants.

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