Where SUMMER RECREATION is written in all capital letters.┬áCome and join me for a quick tour through town. The game did surprise me with its looks, with great background music and a beautiful user interface. It also helps that one of the first voice actors I meet in the game is Catherine Taber, well known as Vette from SWTOR. The game mechanics promise to be interesting, since the game doesn’t have player levels, only skills.

Strangely enough I was impressed by the splash screens, which start out black and white and slowly add color.
Which makes me wonder, how much value and recognition voice actors will add to MMO’s in the future.
All logos, images and names are intellectual properties of Funcom GmBH unless otherwise noted. As you can see in my picture tour, it’s wonderfully set, recreating the Eastern seaboard feeling.

During the quests you will discover various puzzles, finding a path through a maze of lightning fields, finding hidden switches, etc, etc.

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