Find new multiplayer online games MMO, all free to play, game descriptions, reviews, video gameplay and trailers, in-game screenshots, latest news from world of free to play games, easy to find and read. Funcom experiencing massive interest for ‘The Secret World’ (a MMO game), with over half a million gamers having registered for the beta. Durham, USA – October 25th, 2011 – World-leading independent game developer Funcom is pleased to announce that over half a million people have registered to participate in the ongoing beta testing of ‘The Secret World’. Almost everyone joining the community has chosen to affiliate themselves with one of the game’s three secret societies – the Illuminati, the Dragon, and the Templars – fueling the conflict that is already emerging on forums and social media channels everywhere. Feel free to post your own opinion (review) or anything related to games industry but Please! Global Agenda - free agentGlobal Agenda is a third person shooter MMO game with role-playing mechanics. Real Boxing 2 CREEDReal Boxing 2 CREED is a Free to Play (F2P) Android , Sport Boxing Multiplayer Game. NEOTOKYONEOTOKYO is a Free-to-play First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game that provides a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting.

The Secret World: Massive Edition is on sale for 50% off through Funcom and comes with 30 days of membership, the full game and seven issues of the MMO.
Experience Potions – Five potions which increase the XP gained from killing monsters by 100% for 8 hours. Ability Point Boost – A boost which lasts for three days and lets you earn extra Ability Points as you play.
Issue #1 - #4: These content updates were released for free in 2012 and are fully available for you to explore. Explore real-world locations such as New York, Seoul and London – and travel to exotic and mythical locations such as New England, Egypt, Transylvania and even Hell! Features an original soundtrack and in-game musical contributions from more than a hundred musical artists from around the world. Embark on missions far from the usual run-of-the-mill MMO quests, as you investigate, sabotage and involve yourself in an incredibly deep storyline.
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The regular price for all the extra content and items pluss the full game is more than €90! Combine swords with machine guns or chaos magic with dual pistols – the choice is yours! If you would like to change your preferences you may delete or block all cookies from this site in your browser options. And now, dark forces are on the move and secrets that should have remained forever buried have finally been uncovered.

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