August 11, 2015 By Jay Leave a Comment I hope you’ve been enjoying some of my previous DK LEGO Book reviews as I’ve been sent some of the newer books to feature!
For LEGO Ninjago fans, one of the biggest draws of the book is the exclusive Sensei Wu minifigure which you can get a really good look of in the plastic window embedded into the cover.
There are a few activity sections which Ninjago fans will no doubt enjoy but I couldn’t really get into the slightly juvenile part.
LEGO sets tend to be quite scant when it comes to characterisation, so think of this book as a handy compendium which helps bring the characters and their distinct personalities to life. While I’m not a fan of Ninjago, I did have fun taking in all the interesting  bits of trivia about the characters (both friend and foe). Like most DK LEGO books, the photography of the LEGO sets and minifigs are top notch and they serve as very appealing advertisements for the actual sets themselves. The venerable and wise Sensei Wu has a pearl gold sugegasa (Asian conical hat) that is traditionally worn by rice farmers.
Sensei Wu also has back printing in the form of an enlarged seal and some very nice looking fabric detail. I suspect that younger kids will be delighted to read the book and have fun with all the fun activities and character profiles in it. This book will make a great gift for any young Ninjago fan, so if you’re a parent or thinking of buying a young Ninjago-obsessed kid a present, the Secret World of the Ninja would make an ideal gift. To purchase the Ninjago Secret World of the Ninja book, you can visit the Penguin Australia online store or your nearest bookstore.
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The first of which is the new LEGO Ninjago Secret World of the Ninja title, a fun little compendium that sheds a bit more insight into the Ninjago universe.
Ninjago is not high on my priority list of sets to buy (I probably have more Chima sets) and the last set that I can remember building and reviewing is last year’s Thunder Raider. Ninjago is a hit theme with LEGO’s core demographic of boys the age of 8 and this book is suitably geared towards the younger crowd.

Case in point, this section on one of the newest Ninjago baddis – Master Chen who apparently moonlights as a Noodle Restaurateur? Turns out we have a lot in common such as our penchant for witty one liners and our mutual dislike for bad hair days! The Secret World of the Ninja comes with a very snazzy looking Sensei Wu who has a brilliantly designed torso and legs that is exclusive to this book.
His outfit looks suitably regal with the gold trimmings as well as his ornate looking belt which bears a striking similarity to Japan’s Imperial Seal.
As a neutral, I didn’t enjoy it as much but I could still appreciate the book as a LEGO fan.
Looking back and thinking as a 6 year old boy, I would have loved to have gotten a book like this and re-read it over and over again till I was confident that I had memorized every single bit of information about all the Ninjas and their enemies. The RRP for the book is $24.99 and you can often get these on sale if retailers discount them in catalogues. In here, you'll find independent LEGO set reviews, commentary on LEGO trends & news, bargain hunting tips and an inside look into the life of an average LEGO fan. Secret World of the Ninja gives readers a very light hearted take of the characters in the Ninjago universe. The alignment of the seal on his belt buckle is a little off center but you won’t really notice unless you stare closely at it.
While I may not be the biggest fan of Ninjago, he still has a very versatile oriental and Japanese look that could be very useful for certain MOCs or scenes.

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