More: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner, Laura Dern, Bryan Cranston, Seth Rogen, Lisa Kudrow, Claire Danes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Enlightened, The Comeback, Veronica Mars, Alias Veronica Mars made a major stir in the media yesterday when creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell teamed up to tell fans they could have the movie reunion they’ve been asking for if they could raise $2 million for the project using Kickstarter. Less than 24 hours later, the money had been raised, and then some ? currently over $2.8 million has been pledged, and still 29 days on the clock. Naturally, this opened up discussions about other beloved TV series that could go the same route, reuniting the original cast and creators to give fans closure on series that ended too soon ? or just give them a bigger, longer go-round with their favorite small-screen characters. And while our nostalgia for certain shows is plenty high, it’s important to keep in mind that certain cherished shows were on the small screen for a reason. Alias episodes were basically mini-movies anyway, and let’s face it ? most of Jennifer Garner’s film roles have been pretty lackluster compared to her iconic TV persona Sydney Bristow. It’s not technically cancelled yet, but HBO’s stellar drama about a somewhat deranged whistlebower is on the chopping block thanks to low ratings (despite a huge amount of buzz over the last few weeks). Okay, maybe not that many people are clamoring for a big-screen update of this Nickelodeon show, but why not? Breaking Bad is basically the smartest, tensest, most addictive show on TV now, and possibly ever.  Its final season airs this summer, and we already know we’re going to go through serious withdrawal. Perhaps the mother of all shows the fan base is dying for a cinematic twist on, there have always been rumors of a Buffy movie someday ? with, of course, Sarah Michelle Gellar reprising her role as everyone’s favorite vampire slayer (sorry, Abraham Lincoln). The world is ready for a Xena Warrior Princess movie starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.
A teenage girl, just starting junior high and living in a modern corporate community is accidentally contaminated by a secret chemical product of The Plant. Sitcoms tend to not work when blown up to movie-sized proportions, so sorry, Friends and Seinfeld, but we don’t think you could benefit from a two-hour running time and some epic adventure.

Lisa Kudrow starred as the obnoxious but painfully sympathetic TV has-been Valerie Cherish, desperate for a return to the spotlight at any cost (especially to her dignity). James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, Busy Phillips, Jason Segel, and more had before-they-were-famous moments on Judd Apatow’s critically adored, commercially ignored dramedy. She could probably benefit from the chance to don a bunch of ridiculous disguises and kick some ass again, and why not call in Ben Affleck to direct? Alex Mack was a teen who accidentally obtained super powers from an evil chemical plant, and the series ended with a cliffhanger about whether she chose to be cured or not. The Buffy legend has continued in comic book form, but we want to pick up where the show left off ? with Buffy empowering girls all over the world with slayer strength. Wallpaper images in the The Secret World of Alex Mack club tagged: secret world of alex mack oleynik larisa oleynik. In 2005, this show lampooned reality television as well as the network sitcom world, providing the best satire of Hollywood ever.
It’d be pretty interesting to see how high school freaks and geeks adjust (or not) to adult life a decade or so down the road. You'll thank us.) It was about a young woman working in a Niagra Falls gift shop who can communicate with inanimate animals (a wax lion, stuffed bear, etc).
We could see Laura Dern take on bigger and bigger corporate criminals ? or just bum around with her addict ex, Luke Wilson.
The Academy tends to like Middle East-set thrillers, after all… and since a movie version My So-Called Life probably wouldn’t work with Angela Chase in her thirties, this is as close to a neurotic Claire Danes TV character in theaters we’re going to get.
The cinematic answer, of course, would be “not” ? and we could see Alex Mack as a modern-day mom who’s hiding the fact that she occasionally turns into a puddle of goo from her family.

What happens next would have to come from the brilliant mind of Joss Whedon ? because while a large part of us knows the series ended just fine and is hesitant to see it tampered with, the thought of the Scooby Gang getting back together is just too tempting. A Xena movie has been screamed about for YEARS and with all the action she was MADE for the big screen. In a harsh depiction of life imitating art, HBO gave it only one season before a brutal cancellation… even though buzz continued to build around the show as audiences slowly got acquainted with Valerie.
Abrams is pretty busy with other projects these days.) Of course, we’d also need Bradley Cooper back as Will. They sent her on cryptic missions to help people ? if that isn’t a great idea for a movie, we don’t know what is.
Whatever works, as long as we get more of lead character Amy Jellicoe’s trademark mix of narcissism, self-delusion, and philanthropy. There’s no doubt a Buffy movie could quadruple the funds Veronica Mars’ fan base was able to round up, and Joss has already proven his abilities to resurrect his TV series with the excellent Firefly movie Serenity. We’d love to see a movie where Valerie got a film role and suffered the same indignities she did on TV ? all captured by a reality TV crew, naturally.

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