There's something very exciting about codes and coded messages that many children love. This code buster printable is useful for solving some of our Secret Code Challenges - and it is also great for kids who want to send their own coded messages!
There are three coded riddles on this fun printable challenge, each written using a simple alphbet and number swap code.

There are three fun riddles that the kids can enjoy on this printable - but only if they first crack the code so that they can read them! Once they know that the coded riddles on this page contain a simple alphbet and number swap code, older children should be able to work out what the riddles are by themselves. Many children's mystery and adventure stories have a secret message in the plot - and here's some paper that the kids can use for their very own secret messages!

We are just starting to introduce codes to Activity Village and have lots more in the pipeline, coming soon!

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