Sans costume, Robert (not his real name) is a property developer, recently divorced, and living with his 19-year-old daughter. The TLC film follows Robert and two other men as they attempt to merge their everyday lives with a desire to don lifelike bodysuits and almost cartoonish masks to masquerade as full-figured female dolls. Robert began dabbling in cross-dressing 16 years ago, not long after finding some discarded women’s clothes in a rental property. Robert calls the purchase “a life-changing experience,” and he slips into his FemSkin once a week or so for elaborately costumed photo shoots in his house, which he posts on Sherry’s Facebook page.
For the past seven years, dozens of dolls have descended on Minneapolis for the annual “Rubber Doll World Rendezvous,” reveling in a community and acceptance they’re hard-pressed to find at home.
Robert, attending his first Rubber Doll World Rendezvous this past year, donned a gold bikini, gold gloves, and a shiny blond wig to greet fellow maskers with whom he’d only had an online relationship until then. For producer Luke Malone, 32, and director Nick Sweeney, 31, the world of dolls and masking is a topic they’ve mulled for six years, fascinated by a popular YouTube account of a masker named Julie. Even participants in the cross-dressing scene are visibly uncomfortable around the mask because of its horror movie connotations. Some families and significant others, including John’s wife and daughters, are more accepting.
But Malone and Sweeney say fears of discrimination were unfounded when they went out with the dolls and a film crew. The documentary’s most touching scene is when Robert introduces Sherry to the outside world for the first time, walking around his old stomping grounds of Newport Beach in his full doll getup. Robert may still be confused about his hobby and nervous about preserving his anonymity, but he isn’t putting on the brakes anytime soon. This is an updated version of an article that first appeared on the Daily Beast on January 7, 2014. In World War 2, Germany had a significant advantage in several fields of weapons technology.
It had a history of military innovation, and in the decades before World War 2 its science and technology leadership in many fields was at its peak. Since 1933, when Adolf Hitler became dictator of Germany, with a firm and declared intention to go to war, Germany was making a maximum national effort to re-prepare to a major war. At those same pre-war years, the western technology leaders were led by nationwide post-WWI pacifism which preferred to ignore the rapidly rising threat, and their defense budgets were miserably low. Stalin's Russia was also preparing to war, but had a bigger gap to close, and Stalin's centralist terror regime almost eliminated free innovation. So there's no wonder that in 1933-1939 Germany achieved a significant advantage in military technology over its future enemies, an advantage it partially lost during the war. When the war began, the over-confident Hitler ordered to slow down German weapons development projects which were not expected to become operational within an 18 months time frame. But towards the end of the war, outnumbered and facing defeat, Germany did the opposite, and desparately invested in highly advanced new weapons development, with impressive results, but mostly at the expense of greatly needed mass production of available mature weapons, and too late to save Germany from defeat. Arado 234 - the world's first jet bomber, the Arado 234 was a highly advanced single-seat bomber with automatic pilot, eject seat, pilot-aimed rear guns, and with its two jet engines and streamlined shape it was too fast to intercept.
Messerschmitt 163 - the world's first rocket-powered fighter, the Messerschmitt 163 was an incredibly fast AND highly agile short range point defense bomber interceptor, like a manned and reusable anti aircraft missile. Once the incoming bombers formation appeared, it could take off, climb at them at an incredible rate, close in at 600mph, a speed that made the heavy bombers and their escort fighters almost sitting ducks in comparison, attack, then disengage, run out of rocket fuel, dive down unpowered but still too fast for any other fighter to chase, and then easily glide back to landing at base. In the hands of a capable pilot it was a formidable weapon, even if short ranged, and indeed one German ace once shot down three B-17 bombers one after the other in one sortie with it.
Heinkel 162 - a jet fighter designed to be mass-produced by minimally trained workers, using available non-strategic materials, and to be flown by minimally trained pilots.

Just 69 days after being given the contract, Heinkel successfully flew the new jet fighter, and production started. Dornier 335 - the world's first fighter with eject seat, the Dornier 335 was a fast and powerful bomber interceptor which could fly and climb faster than its opponents, the American P-51 Mustang escort fighters.
Helicopters - the world's first operational military helicopters were the Flettner 282, a small maritime reconnaissance helicopter used mostly in the Mediterranean, and the Focke Achgelis 223, a utility helicopter. Production numbers were low due to the destruction of the factories by Allied air bombardment. Like a modern 'bunker buster' bomb, the big radio-controlled Fritz-X was built to penetrate the thickest armor. A manned version for suicide attack was developed and became operational, but never used for attack. Schrage Musik - upward firing guns installed in night fighters and automatically triggered by a photoelectric sensor when flying under the target bomber's night shadow. This was a very efficient weapon which enabled swift and lethal surprise attacks from below. Sondergerate - downward firing recoilless anti-tank guns installed in ground attack aircraft and triggered automatically by a photoelectric sensor when the attacking aircraft passed over the target tank. Type 21 submarine - the world's first submarine built to stay submerged during its entire patrol, not just during combat as earlier submarines did. It had a battery-powered range of over 300 miles between battery recharges, which did not require surfacing, just raising a schnorkel to water level.
It was the first submarine with advanced SONAR capable of targeting enemy ships while submerged without having to use the periscope. It had a secondary electric motor especially for silent combat running, fast torpedo reload mechanism, air conditioning, and more. Type 21 was a highly advanced attack submarine that was much harder to detect by anti-submarine aircraft and vessels. Electric-powered torpedoes - the world's first electric powered torpedoes were used by the German submarines.
This stealth technology was decades ahead of its time, based on the same science principles used in the RADAR-absorbing coating of modern stealth aircraft. Unlike chemical weapons like Mustard Gas which injure and kill by burning skin and tissue, Nerve Agents, like the venom of Cobra snakes and scorpions, quickly causes a total and excruciating muscle paralysis that kills by paralising the muscles invloved in breathing. The Allies knew nothing of this horrible secret German weapon, or the fact that the German artillery was already equipped with it, until after the war's end. Before and during World War 2, Germany built many large production plants, solely for wartime purposes, as the produced fuel was much more expensive than petroleum based fuels. The synthetic fuel, produced from coal, was critically important to Germany during the entire war to overcome its dependence on imported petroleum. Radio Navigation - Since the beginning of World War 2, German night bombers could efficiently navigate to their targets using systems of fixed radio transmitters, and receivers installed in the bombers.
The above list of German weapons does not include many other innovative weapons development projects which did not become operational before World War 2 ended, but which greatly influenced the post-war East-West arms race.
It also does not include many other advanced German weapons which did participate in World War 2, but to which The Allies had equivalent weapons.
But when he powders his latex and silicone suit and climbs in, pulling a frozen, doll-faced mask over his head, and throwing on a wig and a dress, he’s Sherry.
And he has reason to be concerned—masking is one of the last taboos among gender-bending subcultures, misunderstood and alienated even by the cross-dressers Robert goes out with. But he hated the way he looked with a face full of makeup and had nearly given it up until he donned his first mask.

It came from a family-owned and -operated business running out of Wildwood, Florida, where Barbie Ramos and her three sons build and deliver $1,800 realistic custom-made skins to clients across the globe. They paint his nails and help him dress as he transforms into Jennifer, a towering doll with wavy brown hair and a black leather bodysuit. Still a scattered and hidden bunch, maskers keep in touch via online social networks such as Doll’s Pride.
Less than a year ago, the pair, who’ve known each other since attending university together in Sydney, Australia, decided to pursue the little-known subject.The community of maskers, normally wary of outsiders, warmed quickly to the filmmakers. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonSince masking is such a new and unusual lifestyle, they’re viewed as strange even by similar subcultures. Joel, a 28-year-old British masker, has been dressing up—while hiding his suits from his parents—since he was 15. The German military industry, already a leader in many fields, was given enormous budgets and other national resources, in a major national effort to equip the German military with the most advanced weapons possible. Unlike typical twin-engine aircraft with one propeller on each wing, the Dornier 335 had one propeller in the nose and one propeller in the tail. The rocket-powered V-2 delivered a 2150lb warhead to a range of 200 miles, and since it reached the target from above at a speed of 2500mph, there was no early warning, and it was launched from mobile launchers, which were hard to detect before and after launch. A very small attack submarine (250 tons) with a crew of just 14, it was optimized for attack and survival in coastal and shallow waters, and in addition to the advanced features of Type 21, it was also capable of incredibly fast crash dive, in less than 10 seconds.
They did not leave a trail of bubbles in the water, and therefore did not reveal the direction to the attacking submarine, greatly improving its chance of avoiding a counter attack.
It made surfaced German submarines invisible to night detection by airborne Infra-Red searchlights.
Assault rifles (like the modern M-16 and AK-47) are an optimized compromise between the rifle and the sub-machine gun, combining the advantages of both to a superior weapon. Transformed into Sherry, Robert joins the living dolls, a group of like-minded men profiled in a new documentary.When 71-year-old Robert looks in the mirror, which he does often when dolled up, he sees a beautiful blond woman, voluptuous in her yellow halter dress and chunky heels.
The two-day convention hosts seminars that range from “introducing this activity to spouses, dealing with friends, raising children and addressing strangers,” to “latex repair and maintenance.” At night, they hit the clubs together, posing for pictures with amazed patrons.
Once they were interviewing a doll when a tough-looking man walked past and demanded to know “what the fuck was going on.” Malone, thinking the guy was going to throw a punch, explained the costume. 9, 1943, two Fritz-X bombs dropped from a German bomber hit the Italian 45,000 ton battleship Roma so hard that it exploded. Her name is Sherry and she passes the time taking selfies in the courtyard of her Orange County mansion and floating topless in the macaroni-shaped pool. His own daughter has adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” defense since he revealed his habit last year. His live-in girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind the unusual hobby, though Joel knows better than to test her acceptance out in the wider world. The Hs-293 was a radio-controlled missile with a 500kg warhead, guided by the launching bomber's bombardier. The failure of his first marriage was due in part to the rubber doll habit, his second one has had similar issues, and Child Protective Services have even been called to his house.

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