For somea€¦months before the appointment of the Committee, the Home Office had been collecting a large body of evidence.
The corpse of a man with his legs cut off, who was partly bound, was seen by another witness, who also saw a girl of seventeen dressed only in a chemise-and in great distress. Two children were killed in a village, apparently Weerde, quite wantonly as they were standing in the road with their mother. For six days the Germans were in peaceful occupation of the citya€¦ On the evening of August 25th a sudden change takes place.
The attention of the British Government is called to this possible result of their present policy to show how widespread the effect is upon the industrial life of the United States and to emphasize the importance of removing the cause of complaint.
I beg to communicate to you an important mattera€¦Morgan Company of New York have asked whether there would be any objection to their making a loan to the French Governmenta€¦I have conferred with Mr.
Doubtless Secretary McAdoo has discussed with you the necessity of floating government loans for the belligerent nations, which are purchasing such great quantities of goods in this country, in order to avoid a serious financial situation which will not only affect them but this country as well. Since December 1st, 1914, to June 30, 1915, our exports have exceeded our imports by nearly a billion dollarsa€¦Thus for the year 1915 the excess will be approximately two and [a] half billions of dollars. It is estimated that the European banks have about three and [a] half billions of dollars in gold in their vaults.
If the European countries cannot find means to pay for the excess of goods sold to them over those purchased from them, they will have to stop buying and our present export trade will shrink proportionately. The practical reasons for the policy at the time we adopted it were sound, but [are] now a source of embarrassment.
The Cunard liner, Lusitania, was sunk by a German submarine on May 7, 1915, with a loss of more than 1,100 passengers and crew, including 124 Americans. Please call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and after reading to him this communication leave with him a copy.
In view of recent acts of the German authorities in violation of American rights on the high seas which culminated in the torpedoing and sinking of the British steamship Lusitania on May 7, 1915, by which over 100 American citizens lost their lives, it is clearly wise and desirable that the Government of the United States and the Imperial German Government should come to a clear and full understanding as to the grave situation which has resulted.
The sinking of the British passenger steamer Falaba by a German submarine on March 28, through which Leon C.

The Government of the United States has been apprised that the Imperial German Government considered themselves to be obliged by the extraordinary circumstances of the present war and the measures adopted by their adversaries in seeking to cut Germany off from all commerce, to adopt methods of retaliation which go much beyond the ordinary methods of warfare at sea, in the proclamation of a war zone from which they have warned neutral ships to keep away. Expressions of regret and offers of reparation in case of the destruction of neutral ships sunk by mistake, while they may satisfy international obligations, if no loss of life results, cannot justify or excuse a practice, the natural and necessary effect of which is to subject neutral nations and neutral persons to new and immeasurable risks.
The Imperial German Government will not expect the Government of the United States to omit any word or any act necessary to the performance of its sacred duty of maintaining the rights of the United States and its citizens and of safeguarding their free exercise and enjoyment.
Information now in the possession of the Government of the United States fully establishes the facts in the case of the Sussexa€¦On the 24th of March, 1916, at about 2.50 o'clock in the afternoon, the unarmed steamer Sussex, with 325 or more passengers on board, among whom were a number of American citizens, was torpedoed while crossing from Folkestone to Dieppe. A careful, detailed, and scrupulously impartial investigation by naval and military officers of the United States has conclusively established the fact that the Sussex was torpedoed without warning or summons to surrender, and that the torpedo by which she was struck was of German manufacture. The roll of Americans who have lost their lives upon ships thus attacked and destroyed has grown month by month until the ominous toll has mounted into the hundreds. Unless the Imperial Government should now immediately declare and effect an abandonment of its present methods of submarine warfare against passenger and freight-carrying vessels, the Government of the United States can have no choice but to sever diplomatic relations with the German Empire altogether.
This action the Government of the United States contemplates with the greatest reluctance, but feels constrained to take in behalf of humanity and the rights of neutral nations.
The German Governmenta€¦has imposed far-reaching restraints upon the use of the submarine weapona€¦in spite of the fact that these restrictions are necessarily of advantage to Germany's enemies.A  No such consideration has ever been shown neutrals by Great Britain and her allies. Should steps taken by the Government of the United States not attain the object it desires, to have the laws of humanity followed by all belligerent nations, the German Government would then be facing a new situation in which it must reserve to itself complete liberty of decision.
If His Majesty [Kaiser Wilhelm II] commands that a ruthless U-boat war shall be launched, the Chancelor will endeavor to succeed in keeping American a€?out of ita€?a€¦But we will have to calculate upon americaa€™s entrance into the war against us. We are ready to meet all eventualities and to meet America, Denmark, Holland, and Switzerland tooa€¦We need the most energetic, ruthless methods which can be adopted. The U-boat war will also bring our armies into a different and better situationa€¦It means there will be some relief on the western front.
Americaa€™s assistance, in case she enters the war, will consist in the delivery of food supplies to England, financial support, delivery of airplanes and the dispatching of corps of volunteers. The practical reasons for the policy at the time we adopted it were sound, but [are] now a source of embarrassment.A  We have more money than we can use.

The Cunard liner, Lusitania, was sunk by a German submarine on May 7, 1915, with a loss of more than 1,100 passengers and crew, including 124 Americans.A  The following note was sent by President Wilson under the signature of Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan. She alleged that she herself and other girls had been dragged into a field, stripped naked and violated, and that some of them had been killed with the bayonet.
The Germans, on that day repulsed by the Belgians, had retreated to and reoccupied Louvain. Lansing [Under-Secretary of State] and he knows of no legal objectiona€¦but I have suggested to hima€¦whether it would be advisable for this Government to take the position that it will not approve of any loan to a belligerent nation. To withdraw any considerable amount would disastrously affect the credit of the European nations, and the consequence would be a general state of bankruptcy. The result would be restriction of outputs, industrial depression, idle capital and idle labor, numerous failures, financial demoralization, and general unrest and suffering among the laboring classes.
The Chancelor feels more assurance about the attitude of European neutrals.a€¦Admiral von Holzendorff assumes that we will have England on her knees by the next harvest. It appears to be the custom in the German army for soldiersa€¦to keep diaries and record in them the chief events of each daya€¦ Wea€¦are absolutely satisfied of their authenticity.
From the 8th to the 10th over 300 houses were burnt at Herve, while mounted men shot into doors and windows to prevent the escape of the inhabitants. The inference is irresistible that the army as a whole wreaked its vengeance on the civil population and the buildings of the city in revenge for the setbacka€¦ The depositions which relate to Louvain are numerous, and are believed by the Committee to present a true and fairly complete picture of the events of the 25th and 26th August and subsequent daysa€¦ We find no grounds for thinking that the inhabitants fired upon the German army on the evening of the 25th August.a€¦ On the 26th (Wednesday), in the city of Louvain, massacre, fire, and destruction went on.
Citizens were shot and others taken prisoners and compelled to go with the troopsa€¦Many of the people hid in cellars, but the soldiers shot down through the gratings.

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