A Japanese researcher’s investigations into the new official ball made by sporting goods manufacturers Adidas to be launched in just a few weeks’ time at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil reveals many changes from its predecessor.
Asai says that the Brazuca – because of fewer panels and longer seams – is more stable in its flight.
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More interestingly, its new panel design takes its inspiration from ideas borne centuries ago and made famous by Japan’s stealthy assassins – the ninja.

The Brazuca only sports six panels, and they come together in such a way that is reminiscent of the now-famous shape of the shuriken – the local name for the lethal ninja throwing stars.
While that may be good news for World Cup goalkeepers, it’s bad news for Ronaldo – and closer to home, the Samurai Blue’s Keisuke Honda, who strikes the ball similarly – as there will be less “knuckling” action in the air by these versions. In order to limit spam and those who wish to impede meaningful conversation, we are now requiring users to log in with an account or verify their email address. We plan to keep our readers up-to-date on Japanese politics, economy, society, and culture with our daily news. The altitude and air pressure in South Africa, combined with the specific design of the Jabulani, made the ball prone to “knuckling” – those sudden jerky motions that a ball does in flight when it is struck with force.

But there is a silver lining to the ball, says Asai, who did his research on the official World Cup match balls with physics professor John Eric Goff of Lynchburg College. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has been famous for perfecting this technique of striking free kicks without spin, making the ball erratic in its motion. Asai says that the because of the ball’s design, it tends to travel faster even with softer kicks, which he says is more optimal to the Asians’ game – kicking softer than their European or South American opponents.

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