Germany sells a lot of there energy during the day but it buys back energy at night ram the French. Utilities are becoming more concerned with their grids and less concerned with supplying electricity to them. Have you ever extrapolated wind and solar energy growth to determine when it would meet all our electrical needs?
Here is an article I like because it reflects the thoughts I’ve had for many years and does it with actual data. Not if you supply them with solar during their evening time and make up any shortfall with coal, or wind. Supergrids are some future tech which will require superconductors otherwise the losses will be to great.
Nuclear power would be cheap but the regulations are really tight sice it can be used for weapons.
Maybe not north of germany, but why not countries like Germany (that latitude) – remember it concentrates sunlight, so even weak sunlight is concentrated and used to melt salt which is then kept insultated and used to boil water. Trust me, the solar energy in Germany during the colder halve of the year is not powerful enough to melt the salts especially when it is cloudy.
Or they could do like they do in Germany and convert the excess power to methane to power the Audis.
In Brazil, the power supply is affected by the weather, the main source of energy is hydroelectric.
I can’t help but wish that guy’s TV would break and all of the UKs power supply would come crashing down!
It’s pretty crazy to think of 10 million people putting their electric kettles on virtually simultaneously. Some factories and residences toyed with early electric lights and motors powered by on-site generators, but most of the world used piped steam and natural gas to heat their homes and drive their machines for decades after electrification began. While we’re not going to delve into the sticky topic of electricity mix, these websites show you how two fairly similar countries have a completely different approach to power generation. It took a few interesting turns and got lost along the way but eventually stumbled back and was spotted.

By tying in all the energy sources across a continent, or continents as you described, renewable energy does not need to be hugely overbuilt.
However just the maintenance costs of keeping the pipes working in massive cement structures appears to be too expensive.
With renewable energy getting cheaper each year and consistently expanding by 30% the utilities need to protect themselves. Take the average growth rate starting in 2000 and then extrapolate… And then extrapolate out from there to determine when all of our energy requirements would be met with wind and solar. Wind will be overbuilt to handle all our electrical needs at night and distributed with HVDC lines. Sunny countries at the same latitude but different longitudes (timezones) could do the same without even worrying about the shortfall. Why can’t somebody simply ship it to another state that has factories that would run only at night? I think it’s probably just best if I step back and leave you to your rather odd ways. Maybe the beginning of the work day in an industrial country — 9am in France or Germany, when they turn on all the aluminium smelting plants? You can see that France, which built a ton of nuclear reactors following the 1973 oil crisis, is almost entirely reliant on nuclear power, with hydroelectricity (from the Alps in the south) providing some flexibility. Basically HVDC backbones allows the French president to say he will wipe away the disgusting nuclear power plants from his country and get reelected again and again.
They will probably be so overbuilt as to handle the production of the needed methane for ships, trains, and what not. Lastly when the northern hemisphere is experiencing summer, it can supply the southern hemisphere in winter with the same shotfall made up in the same way in some countries where necessary. Or if Tesla had recharging stations they could charge up all the spare batteries each night.
No where else in the world, no other country, is so glued to TV that the electric companies carefully monitor when the commercial breaks occur so they can time the electrical grid just right. So an exponential growth as described there would only take one year once at 20TWh to go to 30TWh as opposed to 15 years for our energy usage.

However even if wind were not overbuilt solar thermal systems build up huge hot sources to run the generators all night long.
All this power, all over the world, wasted at night because they have not figured out what to do with it. You do not want to be the politician in charge when the public finds out how much it costs. In other words there is no limit to the energy that can be supplied via renewable energy and it is being developed so quickly that in the USA if it grows at only 20% per year all our electricity will be produced by renewable energy by the year 2033.
Basically, through the magic of high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) cables, electricity generation and consumption can be balanced across an entire country — or even an entire continent.
So the politicians are distancing themselves from Nuclear trying to replace all power with wind and solar. They will do this by acting as an ISP charging both the users and the suppliers to connect to the web, err, grid.
If it continues to grow by 30% as it has for the last 14 years then by 2027 the USA will be 100% renewable. If you need power down south, you can spin up a hydroelectric generator in the north; if you have excess power in the south, you can use it to pump water back up to the top of the dam in the north. Whether the average 33% growth per year in solar and wind over the next 10 years can offset the nuclear plants closing is questionable. If it’s particularly windy or sunny, you can turn off a few coal and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants. If a neighboring country or state is being hit by a heatwave, you can pump power into their grid via an interconnector.

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