The creme de la creme of the capital of India also raised a toast over the last weekend as Gucci opened a new destination for all the fashionistas by unveiling its 5th and largest store in India at Gurgaon.
The Nation is also set to welcome media artist Jitish Kallat’s work in collaboration Dom Perignon which will be screened at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur this Saturday. Lastly we are waiting to hear about the probable tie-up between British auto maker Aston Martin and Indian SUV manufacturer and tractor maker Mahindra & Mahindra. Victoria's Secret recently opened its largest store in the world a€” just in time for the ever-important holiday rush.
The lingerie retailer began expanding and revamping its Herald Square flagship store in Manhattan earlier this year.
Victoria's Secret has already brought in all its biggest stars to tout the store, which looks like it's going to be an important centerpiece for the brand. Angels Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel were recently at the newly renovated three-floor flagship store to kick off the holiday season. I had the same problem, my solution was to wait until the event restarted and grab the last cases. It is never stated, but can be assumed, that Nirn's axial tilt is negligible, since days and nights remain more or less the same length throughout the year, even in the northern part of Skyrim.
The planet has a notably large continent, Tamriel, which is where all of The Elder Scrolls activity take place, with another similarly large continent to the east, named Akavir. The cold, barren land called Atmora is to the north of Tamriel, which is where the Nords of Tamriel hailed from. Also known as Dawn's Beauty in the language of the Altmer, Tamriel also has an archipelago of islands called the Summerset Isles, which became the home of the Altmer, or "High Elves", after they abandoned their original homeland of Aldmeris. Pyandonea is the island-continent located to the far south-west of Tamriel and home to the elusive Maormer.

Thras, also known as the Coral Kingdom, has been a powerful, antagonizing power against the Summerset Isles since before recorded time. Atmora is (very) cold and dead, Yokuda is very hilly but apparently mostly under water now. Women in New York are in for a treat as Victoria’s Secret has thrown open the doors of its largest store in the world at Herald Square flagship store in Manhattan. The above featured Chopard IMPERIALE Tourbillon Joaillerie was the winner of the Jewellery and Artistic Crafts Watch. At the point where you have to collect 6 med boxes only 2 will blink and the rest of the boxes do not appear.
However, all agree that the deity Lorkhan and the Eight Divines played pivotal roles in the creation of the waterlogged planet.[1][2][3] Two moons, Secunda and Masser, orbit Nirn.
Certain areas in northern Tamriel, such as Skyrim and Solstheim, experience rare celestial weather called "Aurora". To the west of Tamriel lies Yokuda, which was the former homeland of the Redguards of Tamriel. It is this extreme cold that caused the water of the Sea of Ghosts that borders Tamriel and Atmora to become icy.
It is known that the continent is split into four warring kingdoms, each boasting its own race: Tang Mo, Kamal, Ka Po' Tun, and Tsaesci. The island consists of dense rain forests which provide shelter for the southern water spirits. Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr, along with other gorgeous angels were seen indulging at the newly renovated three-floor flagship store. Vintage auto enthusiasts can mark a date in the calender soon as the Cartier Travel With Style Concours d’Elegance is coming to the city in February.

This frozen land is also where the Nords of Skyrim are originally from, although not many trips back are made. Due to its populace being Merrish, there is speculation that Pyandonea may in fact be part of Tamriel.
This biennial vintage car gathering event in India will put up 65 rare vintage cars and 35 bikes. These stars are holes or portals through Oblivion to Aetherius, and carry magical significance due to the beings which tore them open, the Magna Ge. It is unknown if these are the only continents, as there are very few maps or globes showing all of Nirn.
The diversity of biomes is unique as the hot desert is bordered by cold mountains to the north. The French department store will boast of a Dior pop-up store which will feature creations that are inspired by Dior’s cruise collection. Manvendra Singh Barwani, curator of the Cartier Concours d’Elegance explains that besides showcasing motorcycles for the first time, the event will also showcase new classes including the Shikar (hunter) Class, the Edwardian Class and the Limousine Class of vintage cars, which were then used almost exclusively by women.
Also the 11 windows at their flagship store will show off big dolls dressed in Dior’s couture outfits.
Since they both have very similar gravity, it must mean that only a very small part of Nirn has been mapped or that Nirn's composition is different from Earth's.

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