Yesterday, the folks over at IGN were lucky enough to take a walk through the gritty streets of The Secret World’s London. For example, an in-game locale known as Ealdwic Square will feel like old London, invoking the quintessential neighborhood pub and fish & chips joint. Players who choose to align with the Templar faction will start here in London, whereas Illuminati will start in New York, and Dragons begin somewhere in Seoul, Korea.
Meet and interact with a vast array of intriguing and disconcerting characters as you progress through your London experience.
Thanks to IGN for obtaining this information from Ragnar Tornquist, as well as subsequent article, which can be viewed here. The addition of 700 uniformed division officers and 400 agents over five years would expand its staff of 6,647 by nearly 17 per cent, the biggest hiring increase in more than a decade at the 150-year-old agency whose job it is to protect the president, his family, and senior officials, along with fighting financial crime. The Secret Service confirmed it was "conducting an aggressive hiring initiative over the next few years" but declined to comment on the number of planned hires.
The Secret Service first began the work of presidential protection in 1901 after the assassination of President William McKinley. Uniformed division officers are mainly based in Washington and are responsible for the security of the White House and the vice president's residence.

That led to the resignation of its previous director, Julia Pierson, hired a year earlier to clean up the agency after a 2012 scandal in which agents paid prostitutes and visited strip clubs in Cartagena, Colombia.
As part of a turnaround plan, the House of Representatives in July passed the 2015 Secret Service Improvements Act.
The hiring plan also coincides with a projected 16 per cent increase in the Secret Service's budget to $2.2 billion in the 2016 fiscal year, its biggest budget since entering the Department of Homeland Security. The agency has also been accused of favoring men in promotions and condoning racism, a point reinforced in a class-action lawsuit filed in 2000 by black agents who accused the Secret Service of a pattern of failing to address allegations of racial discrimination over many years. Defenders of the Secret Service say criticism of the agency has brewed for years, going back as far as 1981 when a gunman tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan and it was forced to strengthen security measures. No, they didn’t get any hands-on playtime, but an interview with Ragnar Tornquist is almost as sweet. Streets might seem to course aimlessly as they lead down into the forgotten regions of the city, which hold dark secrets of their own. Being the reigning faction in London, Templars will be allowed access to certain areas that others will be barred from. From such memorable personalities as a delusional woman who thinks she descends from fairies, to a Templar librarian that may know all there is about the darkness, you can expect a colorful cast in The Secret World.

Secret Service plans to hire 1,100 more officers and agents for an agency besieged by embarrassing scandals and security lapses, two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the plans said. House of Representatives in July required the agency to hire at least 200 uniformed division officers and 85 special agents. In recent years, its mandate has grown to include investigations of cyber theft, credit card fraud and hacking attacks on financial, banking and telecommunications infrastructure. The bill, which is awaiting Senate approval, would also require more training for Secret Service personnel. The IGN staff astutely points out that Ealdwic Square is most likely a representation of the real-world Aldwych in London.
At the same time, all players can indulge in the esoteric nightlife that attracts all walks of life, from the exuberant to the perverted.

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