Ferrous Dueller, pun on Ferris Bueller, is a lair boss located in the Golden Wigwam lair in the Blue Mountain playfield of the Secret World. The folks here at tswguides were kind enough to provide me with hosting to upload all the space greedy full sized versions of the sketch-a-day images I’d made over the past month or so.
Digging Deeper – Henry Hawthorne in the Kingsmouth church starts this continuation of the Kingsmouth Code. Strangers from a Strange Land – This investigation mission starts to tie together the main story-line of Solomon Island with the lore of both Darkness Wars and Polaris!
The Modern Prometheus – Located in a questionable looking warehouse in New York, the Modern Prometheus allows players to change the appearance of their facial features. Similar to active weapons in TSW, you will have a ability wheel for your auxiliary weapons.

In 1.2, the region will now be outlined in dark red on your map, warning unknowing players and keeping them from wandering into the hostile territory unprepared.
All Lair bosses will now drop two Bind on Pickup rare items, 1 rare signet, 1 rare Glyph kit, and two Region boss blueprints. All Region bosses will now drop a loot bag containing 2-4 blueprints to summon that boss, 3 epic Bind on Pickup items, 1 epic signet, 1 epic Glyph kit and a unique Raid Puzzle Piece. As with all locusts, the Eye of the Storm does his principle damage through ground environmental effects. He also has a two sided shield, you should direct attacks away from the shields (which can make avoiding the goop a bit harder, but is still quite manageable). While the rocket launcher is currently the only weapon available on the wheel, there are slots for 9 auxiliary weapons (3 melee, 3 ranged, and 3 magic).

In order to max our your Rocket Launcher Skill you will need to put 55 points into the skill line (rank 10). This mission allows players to chose region boss pattern pieces for that region, and aides in completing the puzzle sections.

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