This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Incendiary Grenade: An Assault Rifle attack which hits several targets in an area around the selected target. Spiral of Death: A Blade attack which hits one target at range and makes you teleport to it.
Fire at Will: An Assault Rifle Frenzy attack which hits several targets in an area around the selected target. Four Seasons: An Elite Blade attack which is channeled for a few seconds to do several hits.
Shoot ‘Em Up: All your Frenzy attacks cause the target to be Afflicted with a damage-over-time effect which lasts for several seconds. Leeching Frenzy: All your Frenzy attacks affect the targets hit with an effect which causes anyone who attacks them to receive a Leech effect, which returns a small portion of the damage done back as healing. Twist the Knife: Whenever you do a Penetrating hit you gain an effect which increases your damage for several seconds.

Incision: Whenever you do a Penetrating hit you also Afflict the target with a damage-over-time effect which lasts for a few seconds. Sharpshooter: Whenever you do a Penetrating or Critical hit you gain a stack of an effect which increases your Hit rating for several seconds. The Secret World - sometimes shortened to "TSW" - is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) developed by Funcom, and published jointly by Electronic Arts (EA) and Funcom.
The game breaks from the traditional MMO convention of high-fantasy or sci-fi by taking place in our present world.
The quest structure in TSW also differs in that it involves mechanics dealing with the same conspiracy theories and myths that the game's story surrounds itself in tasking players to think outside the box, and at times even use the game's built-in internet browser to figure out how to proceed. So jump into the wiki to learn more about the game's various Weapon Skills, Instances and Factions as well as to find some help for some of the game's more involved Quests.
Funcom has announced plans to release free, monthly content patches to keep the game fresh. The Secret World — MMORPG в современном сеттинге, распространяется по системе b2p (buy to play) с необходимостью покупать выходящие DLC, чтобы продвинуться по сюжету. Some say life and death are bitches, and there are those in the Illuminati who say she's got them both beat.

She uses both Blades and the Assault Rifle to deal devastating Penetrating hits and brutal damage-over-time effects.
It lacks mobility and defences, but through raw damage output the Slayer can still come out on top in most situations. Targets hit become Afflicted with a damage-over-time effect which lasts for several seconds.
In TSW you will play as either a Templar, Illuminati or a Dragon, three factions which fight the supernatural in the "secret world" and vie for control in their own way. Letting loose punishing Frenzy attacks the Slayer can handle large groups of monsters at a time, showering them with damage. With the ability to constantly do Penetrating hits and damage-over-time effects the Deck can be very useful against strong monsters which take a long time to kill and require a team effort.

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