As the clock ticks faster and faster, we get closer to the most awaited time in college life – the festive season of Delhi University. Extravagant star nights, rollicking events and rambunctious crowd mark your typical day of joy!
The “elimination of the cliche factor” is a big-big concern for the organising team of any fest. When competing with fests like CROSSROADS and MECCA, the real fight is won when you get the best of sponsors! After frantically searching for ‘personal contacts’ and days of endless monotonous ‘cold calling’, you get that one big important meeting.

Dividing the workforce based on events, allocating work according to preferences and proper management is key to a good fest.
To the outside world, it is always a treat, but the ones who actually work for it relies what goes behind. Proposals are sent, meetings fixed and then it’s finally peaceful – the money starts flowing in!
You have to weigh the benefits of a good expensive sound system with cheaper lighting or a smaller stage.
I’m pretty sure that for them, seeing your happy faces is what drives the spirit to keep working.

So, the sweet spot has to be found where you get the most of a performance at the least cost. The biggest fight then is to shun the arguments and work with greater zeal for a successful fest!

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