Hi, I was with Xena at my first Star Trek convention, Destination Star Trek Germany in Frankfurt am Main. I have to admit that I am a Trekkie since I grew up with The Next Generation and I also watched The Original Series, Deep Space Nine and Voyager partly.
The museum was powered by Martin Netter, the biggest privately owned Star Trek props collection.
The most ambitious project at DSTG was Mars One, which aims to establish a permanent human colony on Mars.
A company called Levavo offered a special and cool service at the convention, creating your own little 3D printed action figure of yourself. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by the Xbox booth, because I would have liked to see the new Xbox One, but there was none. Despite not finding 'much substance' to the murder allegations, Mr Jones ordered an investigation.According to The Independent, the Crown Prosecution Service received a copy of the report in 1989. Within six months the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time, Sir Allan Green, advised the investigation should not continue.
He eventually rose to become deputy Nazi party leader, and was captured in 1941 during a solo flight to Scotland on an apparently unauthorised peace mission.

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Destination Star Trek Germany, the largest Star Trek only convention in Germany, Frankfurt. It has been my second convention after RingCon and so I already had some experience with the cultural phenomenon called a convention or just con. Besides the mandatory shops, where you could buy all sorts of Star Trek related fan articles such as communicators, pins, and uniforms, there was also a museum and a couple of interesting companies presenting their galactic services and projects.
The Filmwelt Center, as it is officially called, brought with it original uniforms and outfits, weapons, panels, a laboratory and other amazing stuff from the Star Trek TV shows and movies. Crews of four astronauts, who are selected among volunteers, will depart every two years, starting already in 2024, and will remain on Mars in order to create the first human settlement outside our own planet. Similar to The Original Series they have recreated all 3D animations and fully remastered the video and sound of the series, which I believed would not be possible with such an old TV series. Hess was an early confidant of Hitler, who dictated much of his infamous manifesto Mein Kampf to him while imprisoned during the 1920s. The entry tickets were a bit cheaper than usual but instead you had to pay extra for a lot of things.

This is a 70 minute (part of the?) show that covers a nice selection of songs from their current and older albums. Ok, this is the official plan, but I am a bit in doubt whether it is feasible that quickly. The image is then processed and later printed by an industrial 3D printer and painted with accurate colors. Not included in the basic ticket were the opening ceremony, the talks of the headline actors and the after show parties. We have discovered some interesting merchandising booths and artifacts, which we are eager to investigate. I guess in some years this will be possible with every smartphone and a commodity 3D printer. Adding that to the autographs and photo session fees, you can easily spend several hundred Euros at a convention and this on a single day, but I would not say that DSTG is more expensive than FedCon for example.

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