My first impression upon arrival at Secrets The Vine was Wow!, this place is grand, chic, modern and more or less just like a W Hotel, so needless to say, just up my alley. Throughout my stay the initial impression did not waver, as I considered it to be a challenge for such a large property to come through on so many levels of criteria that I look for, but they did and for that reason, I had a fantastic stay. All in all, when it’s time to check out of this gigantic, beautiful hotel, it will be the small details that you’ll remember the most.  The trendy house music creating a chic lounge like ambience poolside, the ever attentive staff bringing you another mojito at just the right moment, without even having to ask and the free massage lessons that crank up the sex appeal.
After three years of living the good life on the road, leaving my mark on more destinations than the average gal can dream of in a lifetime, accidentally…or… not quite so…missing one too many flights and crossing paths with yet another professional athlete… The time has come to release my experiences from the confines of a select audience, and share them with the world. All Material on Copyright to Digital Phoenix Productions LLC 2002 - 2014. Is there a connection between UFOs, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?
In Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order, we investigate why the New World Order and the Global Elite are tirelessly working to form a One World Government and who they are getting this instruction from. A biblical look at the history of fallen angels and it's relationship to the New World Order and the new age movement. Topics covered are the fall of mankind, the pre-flood world as Atlantis, the new age through theosophy, the fallen angels and their origin of planting the seeds to society, UFOs, ETs and abduction cases, demonic possession, channeling, and more. There needs to be a team of rational people on this website, with an ability to research, ridding, or not accepting, so called "documentaries" which have no basis in logic. I have a friend who used to say, if you watch all docs as if it's a second hand store and search through, your bound to find an idea or two that were worth the making of it. What better way to get people to pay you for your stories than to make them believe they are true? I would like to point out, that it only takes ONE ufo sighting, that isn't a plume of swamp gas or chinese laterns or flares. Having been brought up as a jehovahs witness, sitting through this felt exactly the same as listening to the sunday sermon I was forced to attend through childhood.
Does the christian god have a problem with those who use intellect and can think for themselves as opposed to believing a book that was apparently inspired by him?
In that case, my thanks to satan for giving humanity the capacity to think and for the scientific method of aquiring knowledge.
WE need global governance only not by the private proffiteer's and banksters such as the World Bank and IMF all being done behind closed doors. I disagree - I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to watch this - you need to know what some of these people are thinking. When I watch documentaries like this and see all the fear and superstition that so many religious people still cling to even in this day and age of science,I wonder if the human race will ever grow up and stop being "Afraid of the boogey man"!!We need to stop clinging to these fairy tales about "Satan" and "God","Jesus","Mohammed","demons" etc,and start taking responsibility for our own destiny.
Every time someone gives a date that something is going to happen on a date in the future, the date comes and goes and nothing ever happens. We all have good and evil in us, and it is up to us to practise being good so we can take care of our home and stop destroying it.
We would not pour gallons of toxic waste in our homes, but we are all guilty of doing this to our world directly or indirectly. I was raised in that belief system and I find that what the Witnesses were teaching in the 70's is what most churches are teaching today, especially with regard to the idea that we are living in the last days.
Could it be that the Bible is a tool for discerning the hearts and minds of those who read it?
1.I have yet to come to any conclusions about a whether there is a designer to the brain and doubt I will any time soon.
Social predators from ants to lions live in hierarchial societies as predator No.1 we are no different. 6 billion heads are better than 300 million the only reason we are successful as a species is our ability to interact and share complex ideas.
The whole faith thing just blurs the picture religion is another way of controlling people through fear, primarily fear of change!
Egro (latin word for Mexico), that will then allow the 'Cat People' (elite) to make all the machines go bonkers (A.I + Anti Luddite Fallacy - 55% ghosts = Machine Bonkers).
This documentary is a perfect example why reasonable people will never take religious people serious.
The Agenda of the New World Order is one constructed by Male Buffoons with a female figure head, Lucifer.
I am a Christian (whatever connotation you want to prescribe to that title) grew up in an atheistic home and I do believe there is a global conspiracy going on behind the scenes.
In any case, I am more than happy to discuss any particular points of the film whether negative or positive. If you are well versed in logic and science then you would understand that both presuppose and rely on constants and quantities we find in the universe. As to your comment on belief, I would contend that every single person on this planet operates on beliefs. So in any case, I am more than happy to extend the conversation and show that it's not entirely illogical to posit the existence of God, or the Christian God for that matter. There are things Jesus taught which are principle some of the most profound concepts to mankind, and it's not the easiest thing to do, in fact they are impossible to achieve.
According to the comments about this doc now I have to try and watch, want to see how long I will last watching my beloved religee's in action, did someone say Hovind? Nope, I'm all grown up now, and I'm certainly not going to watch your 2000 year old cartoon for the rest of my life. And by positing that people's posture of humbleness etc is fake, you are not only making sweeping generalizations, but you are saying you can read the intents of people. Clearly, in my experience, I've seen nothing but dishonesty when someone puts on the uniform of Christianity.
To point out the history of Christianity, which in actuality is more of the history of the Papacy and the Catholic Ecclesiastical system, and call it evil or wrong presupposes that there is a right. I tried watching this thing yesterday, but I had my headphones on and that music creeped me out by about the 6 or 7 min. You seriously think I can't say that torturing babies is wrong, because it doesn't fit into your puerile view of logical consistency? IF there was such a thing as a God it probably spits out universes like a child blows bubbles and cares as little for each as the child does about one bubble. Alright Gonny,I tried watching it again , but man that d*m music scarces the holy ***t out of me!

I started- got distracted- made toast, started again for10 or so minuted and got distracted again by the hungry cat-then mind wandered for a while-video was still running. I maybe showing some ignorance here or maybe I just need something explained to me this is my question. Interestingly enough, Eve's age is never mentioned in the Bible (unlike Adam and many others) nor is Eve's death recorded unlike everyone else including Adam. As with most text, they are written after a certain amount of time handed down orally or by tradition. You went waaay out of your way to sound "smart", only to include your true desire to use "bullshit". 2 Think of medieval japan Sengoku era (the warring states) or anywhere else for that matter. Edit: Though I vehemently disagree with Gonny, I respect his calm, well said and thought out replies. Crazy 100 Dollar Bill Conspiracy: New 100 Dollar Bill Predicts An Apocalypse In The Near Future!? Please click the a€?Reporta€? button below if the video on this page is not working properly.
Inspirational Clip Of The Week: Woman Goes To The Gym For 100 Days And Makes This Timelapse Video!
0 To 100 In The Courtroom: Judge Goes Off On Mother Over Bad Parenting & She Flips Out!
Largest Takedown In NYC History: Over 100 Bronx Gang Members Responsible For Multiple Murders Arrested! NYPD Detectives Reveal New Details In Chinx Drugz Murder & Urges Rappers In The Industry To Come Forward!
Forbes Looks At The Billion Dollar Industry Of Marijuana & It's Potential Impact On The Economy! I'm also not religous but found some parts interesting and whether you agree or not, its presented in a more intelligent way than a lot of other documentaries on here e.g.those Ancient Alien wackjobs! Now I realise that I've been listening to the voice of Satan for my liberal views and am part of the conspiracy to reduce world population through vaccines distribution.
And because of it the we all just keep on Raping our world of resources and polluting it until it becomes so bad that we can no longer live here, Then it will be to late as there is nowhere else to go. We will all destroy ourselves if we keep on waiting and not changing our ways and stop fighting and polluting our only home. That is, if you find it appropriate to worship the kind of God depicted in the old testament, what does is say about you? If life teaches us anything at all, it is that God allows ALL to suffer the consequences of their actions.
Most, not all, but most Christians can't wait for the 'non-believers' to suffer God's wrath. We don't need the bible to tell us that there are evil hard-hearted men in control of our world.
Evolution of a social species is most likely to take us to a place where we are so good at it we dont need to divide ourselves into smaller more managable social groups (countries).In 10,000 years give or take we have moved from small bands of nomadic hunter gathers to the current situation. Having watched all of this - all two hours thirty - I can say wholeheartedly I regret doing so. I am the "idiotic, irrational, illogical, religious fundamental, blind, ignorant" maker of this film.
Is it as concrete so called "proof" as your material sciences would need to confirm or deny a claim? Human beings and animals certainly don't need help from silly, irrational "thinking" like yours. I believe empathy is the ground upon which moral understanding appears, not lies, fairy tales, metaphysical threats, and worshiping gods(or worshiping anything, for that matter).
I don't really give a damn about what dream-world intent the Christian has when I see the ridiculous results of their actions. If there is a standard of which you are able to determine something as wrong or right, then you posit objective moral values which are independent and binding regardless of time, place, people etc.
I believe a person sitting in their bath robe and slippers at the kitchen table, worshiping their God on a Sunday morning is more respectful to the Lord then someone who gets all dolled-up and puts on a show at Church. I watched two and a half hours of your bizarre thinking, and now I get the subtitles to it?
There is a tribe called the Lobi in Burkina Faso where the boys go to the woods for the passing of manhood. Face it society will rebel and for minimum or 3 generations (until everyone has forgotten about the old ways) there needs to be a force to keep it under control.
Not really sure why I stuck it out but found it somehow kinda relaxing (had a little snooze midway). I think if he wanted us to ignore logic and reason he would have designed our brain quite differently, don't you?
It certainly seems as though intellect was what the deity of the bible tried to keep from humans. The Architects of the NWO are definitely evil (bad) and our focus should be on how to stop them and not argue the basis of their beliefs. It's everywhere just look around.The earth can provide for all of her children and everyone of us is here for a reason. I find that this kind of stuff is nice to watch when you're tired and just feel like letting your brain rot a bit. While watching it, I could l feel my head caving from the immense pressure of the stupidity that is presented in this video. It should not and does not speak into any forms of philosophical and dare I say, spiritual, inquiry. That depends on presuppositions, but I often find that the rejection of God usually comes from the philosophical grounds and not necessarily any kind of "empirical" data, of which are mere pieces of information still being filtered through the mind of human beings.
Empathy is trying to understand other free beings' plight in the world through a careful review of your own experiences. But not only are there limits to our freedom (I can want to jump and fly to the center of the sun as much as I want to but it's not happening). How many times have I posted that what we deal with as a humanity is NOT a systematic issue?

That moral standard would posit a rational entity which understands moral boundaries to have placed it there.
Among other rites, they have to sit by themself in the forest and watch a tree until the tree talks to them, sometimes for nights and days.
Knowledge takes time to accumulate, it's important to expose your own views to being tested and even more important to keep an open mind. Power struggle is never a good thing for those that do not have power, hence if there is a new global order there wont be separate powers to compete. But under one rulership, if that one entity goes Hitler, or Stalin, then the long plans for the NWO of reducing the world population down to 500 million "in balance with nature" becomes possible. But it becomes an issue under the kind of alleged "threat" we are being told through mass media and politics. Have you ever noticed that in the story of the garden of Eden, the serpent tells the truth and God is the one who lied? The desire for absolute control is brazenly exhibited through the 'good book', and suppressing intellect is crucial for any tyrannical regime. A bullet through my head will do as much damage being shot by a christian as that of a occulter.
The premise of the doc is most likely correct but using the bible to prove it only perpetuates fear and confusion. But Christianity says that the love we have for our fellow man is not our love, but God's love. Perhaps billions of people have been murdered throughout history, and it's nothing but insulting to listen to the pointless story of your fake superhero being murdered as some groundbreaking turning point in human history. Just understanding what freedom is, is a life-long endeavor, let alone understanding others' plight in the world.
They are a collection of individual choices, of which when we put ourselves as the center, tend to compromise the fellow man.
It doesn't even seem like you're speaking to me, rather you're just leaping from one idea to the next acting as though you've connected them. As I understand it the universe as we know it is just unbalanced enough to exist perfectly. Once everyone is locked into a global grid, the type being promoted by the Technocratic ideologies that began in the 1930's, as well as the neo-marxist mechanical society being promoted by Zeigeist moving forward is in place, then it's either do or die.
Think about what America has faced in the last ten years, "War on terror" "War on drugs" "Weapons of Mass Desctruction" etc.
It puts the human being in a posture of humbleness, forgiveness, patience, kindness, hope, etc.
Truly, Christians do "posture" about humbleness, forgiveness, etc., but it is only posturing. This ability to choose is predicated on the rules, boundaries, constants and quantities of our material universe, but it is also predicated on the mind. If morality are merely subjective decisions, then you cannot say that torturing babies for fun is wrong in all circumstances. So if there is no rational entity of superior intellectual understanding providing the guiding boundaries of moral standards, then moral standards are a mere illusion.
It could as easily have been any other way and still exist and thereby still be thought of as perfect.
If you are a strict materialist, such claims are absurd and I understand and can relate if you think that. In particular reference to my film, I am not suggesting anarchy or totalitarian dictatorship under some eccumenical governance. Although these are real threats, they have been the stepping tool for our trustworthy government leaders to slowly take away our rights in this country. It's fake, just like your dreams of every free being in this world becoming one zombie of love.
It is subjective choices which become moral choices as one reaches out towards an understanding of others. If the mind is nothing more than a mush of bio-chemical processes, then not only is that information nothing more than bio-chemical processes, but every ounce of what any of us believe have no real significance expect for the delusions we apply it.
For me that just means that sh1t happened and we happened as a progression of it, no rhyme or reason, nothing but astronomically good luck.
He also wrote on the divine council, something a lot of bible believing Christians don't even understand about what is written in the OT.
Don't forget we all have a divine spark inside of us and no book or doctrine can begin to comprehend what that even means.
And if that is what you are suggesting, are you ready to say there are objective moral values of which are independent and binding regardless of person, place or social construct? If that's the case, then even what you say to me are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain. Even so I don't think we should reject learning something new or understanding someone else's viewpoint just because it doesn't match our own.
Not surprising though, the premise is that the intellect is evil.Intellect=forbidden fruit that satan seduced eve with. I think that's part of the beauty of life, it's up to each of us to find our way and how we fit in to bettering this beautiful earth we live on.
But something to consider in all of it are the numerous flood myths there are all around the world. The film is simply a warning that states, an ancient prophetic text which has been accurate for a lot of what we see unfolding in the world predicted this single world government, AND that it would bring peace, but that it would be a false peace. I am not a religious person, but I'm glad I watched this as it made me see familiar topics in a new light and perspective.
Over 600 ancient tribes have a sort of flood myth concerning a few that were saved, from which all humanity descends from. So, in conclusion, thank you Vlatko for allowing this type of docs to slip through every once in a while.
So while the geologists might say one thing, the people that lived much closer to that time recorded something entirely different.

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