Video is a powerful medium and the best way for a video entrepreneur to tell a compelling story about their business in a short span of time.
It is important for your sales video to be short – around 60 seconds is ideal – as this helps keep the attention of the audience. Right at the beginning of the video, you need to make it clear who you are and what you’re selling.
You need to come across as more than just a business or brand in this video, you must become a person that the audience can relate to, so you need to come to their level and talk to them directly. In order to find a voice or a tone while writing successful sales video scripts, you need to know your customers well. Humor is a good way to keep the audience’s attention and add a few quick respites from all the information, but it should be used wisely to be effective. The average human can speak 200-250 words a minute in normal conversation, but in a video it is better to make room for pauses for effect and a generally understandable and clear pace so keep your dialogue between 125-150 words a minute.
At the end of the video you can get a little sales-pitchy and add a call-to-action which will get your audience to do whatever it is your video aims to make them do, whether it is liking your page, subscribing to your channel, calling to place an order or visiting your store or website.
With these 8 tips you can create more compelling and effective sales or explainer videos about your business, and make more money through your video business by converting more customers with killer sales videos. Writing successful sales video scripts is a skill that can be learned with just a bit of patience, practice and perseverance.
I accomplished my first goal of self-publishing my own books and as a result, landed a book deal.
Just as the company made a huge change when I began ghostwriting, another change came in 2007 when my husband joined and added design capabilities.
I share this brief history of RootSky Publishing, turned RootSky Books, to show how our company started, grew, and evolved. Relationships turned out to be one of the keys to our company’s growth, as those I had relationships with before launching my business became my first clients.
Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? Selling Your Book On Amazon: Advantage, Marketplace, CreateSpace, KDPA Publisher Is Offering You a Book Deal — Now What?
ABOUTWriter's Living is a knowledge and training resource for writers who want to earn more from their writing. The most highly regarded family and animated movies -- critically and through box office success -- have something for everyone.
What then followed was Disney Animation’s second resurgence through the likes of Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero 6. And the concept of Four-Quadrants has even expanded to projects that skew a little older, but still fall under the umbrella of young (teens in this case), old, men, and women. We turn to Part II of Disney Animation Producer Kristina Reed’s exclusive one-on-one with ScreenCraft. ScreenCraft: Are there certain character types and themes that best fit within a film geared towards the whole family? What's interesting is that the high level summaries can apply to many films but the great ones are the ones who told their stories well. So at the start of Kung Fu Panda, the story team knew that Po would be heavy, because pandas are just built that way, but they also knew it wasn't right for our character to defeat the villain and save the town by turning into some kind of muscle-bound hero.
Eventually, they pinpointed that Po's central flaw was not his weight but the lack of confidence his weight caused. Kristina Reed: The concept of a Four-Quadrant film really speaks to how to make the film appeal to as many people as possible. Think Pandora in Avatar, San Fransokyo in Big Hero 6,or in the Harry Potter series, an entire complex world of wizards overlaid onto our own world.
The theme of wanting to be different from who you really are is a perfect example of a fundamental and universal theme: we've all experienced this, no matter our age or gender. ScreenCraft: What are some of your favorite family-oriented films, both in live action and animation? But going one step further, for me personally, I think Elastigirl is one of the greatest mom characters to ever grace the screen (live action or animation). Kristina Reed: I can only speak to the process at Dreamworks and Disney Animation, where we are largely looking for writers to ride along through the process with the film director(s). Additionally, those studios, as well as Pixar and many others, hammer out creative in the story room -- which generally means with a team of story artists and the director(s). In particular, making an animated film generally takes years which gives us some bandwidth to keep reviewing the film in pieces and as a whole and keep polishing.
ScreenCraft: Are there any secrets to writing humor that both adults and children can appreciate and laugh at?
In Kung Fu Panda, there's a moment where Shifu runs in to the kitchen with horrible news that the master turtle has died and Po is caught standing there with two round wooden bowls on his chest, like breasts. When the audience can feel what the characters are feeling, then the story can take them anywhere. ScreenCraft: What types of things in screenplays turn you off or disengage you as a producer?
Kristina Reed: In a nutshell, I'm turned off when I can't tell what the characters are feeling. As you write, take a moment after finishing each scene and make sure you know what your main character is feeling. ScreenCraft: What’s the best advice you can offer for those wanting to get into animation? However, before you even begin to design some great animations to lure in your customers, it is crucial to write a killer script that is compelling enough to drive sales and convert customers rather than just putting them to sleep. Anyone clicking on your video will be searching for something and without beating about the bush you end to tell them straight out that they’ve come to the right place.
For this, it is good to use a more conversational nature; using “you” and “your” in the video addresses the audience directly.

You need to know their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their income levels, where they live and work and how they dress. This should not show up randomly or in a disconnected way, and shouldn’t break the tempo you’re building, as it may actually distract the customers from the main issue. Keep in mind while writing the sales video script that your audience should be able to understand you so don’t rush through the dialogue. It’s been through many changes since those early days where my only aim was to self-publish my own books and get my words out to the world. I self-published my first two novels, As If Nothing Happened and Sacrifice the One before landing the book deal. Instead, I retooled and began focusing more on helping clients with their own book projects.
We’ve become more specialized in what we do over the years, going from taking any and every project that came along in the early days, to being a bit more choosy and focused now. One of my former newspaper editors became my first book marketing client, while another of my former newspaper editors hired me to write freelance stories for his magazine.
She helps authors, freelancers, solopreneurs, and other small business owners brand and market what they do. Read original articles and interviews to develop a better understanding of the business side of writing. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational events, screenwriting competitions and the annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship program, connecting screenwriters with agents, managers and Hollywood producers. These are the projects that have the most outreach in regards to which audiences embrace them most. Look no further than the resurgence of Disney animation in the 1989 and through the 1990s with the likes The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Aladdin. Their Four-Quadrant movies brought forth an added depth accompanied by new animation technology in the form of CG -- Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Up, Wall-E, Inside Out, etc. Throughout the history of Hollywood and cinema in general, there have existed Four-Quadrant movies that continue to stand the test of time. This was a breakthrough of sorts, because it meant that all the film's training moments (and ultimately the film's journey) would not be about getting better shape but finding the thing in himself that would make him victorious. The biggest challenge with animation is to make sure we're never pigeon-holing ourselves into making a film that will only entertain kids.
The initial sketch of the main characters will often be part of this first pitch, but they get additional shaping and fleshing-out, along with the details of the world and specifics of the themes as the story starts to evolve. It doesn't have to be an actually-big world (think Forrest Gump or Wreck-it-Ralph) but it has to bring you into a place or point of view that's different from your daily existence. Going back to the Wreck-it-Ralph example, the main character -- Ralph -- wants to break out of the one-dimensional role he's had for decades.
Now to add the fun and the humor, without ever straying from the authenticity of each character's feelings, and you have the makings of a movie for all audiences. It has everything we've been talking about: relatable characters, each with a flaw to overcome and a journey to take, along with smart production design, great action set pieces and wonderful, entirely character-driven humor. Speaking as a mom and a career woman, I think that family is a testament to Brad Bird's brilliance with that film. If you had told me that you were going to show me a film about a human accidentally raised as an elf who now needs to leave the North Pole to find his true self, I would have begged you not to. Samples generally come to us through agents, and we're looking for the following skills (in varying priorities, depending on the project): structure, humor, character.
The directors had made the decision to take the gag out right before we screened for a test audience of fifth graders. Make the character emotionally true in everything he says, whether it's meant to be funny or not.
As Rapunzel is setting foot outside her tower for the first time in her life, she pauses just before she lets her toes touch the grass. You can also put your message, the purpose of the video, in the first 30 seconds; just summarize it into one sentence and put it in. Don’t talk down to them and don’t go over their head either, but instead become their friend.
You can start by stating a problem you have, which can be any problem your customers may have that your product or service solves.
This way you can talk to them at their level, whether that’s classroom style explanations or colorful childlike stories.
He is also a serial entrepreneur and top tier business development professional who speaks leadership, start-ups and digital media masterfully. This means that if you make a purchase using an affiliate link here, I might make a small commission from your purchase, but this DOES NOT impact your price at all. We went from offering only writing services, to having the capabilities to produce an entire project. The company has evolved over the years to address capabilities, economic changes, and opportunities.
My old newspaper allowed me to write my popular column for several years after I quit working there, and even hired me to write freelance business stories.
In the case of Four-quadrant projects, they appeal to the young, the old, men, women, and everyone in between. The audience, often consisting of families, could laugh, cry, and scream in delight while on the edge of their seats. The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, The Avengers, Harry Potter, Night at the Museum, etc.
Kristina is an Oscar-winner through her work in the instant classic Disney Animated Short films Paperman and Feast. In Po's case, it was his resilience, literally his ability to take a blow and get back up, over and over, that defeated the villain.

At its core, what every audience member wants, regardless of age and gender, is to go on a journey that is fun and emotionally resonant. No one in his current world will to support this change so he literally has to break out of his current world. And that character in particular I believe and relate to: a woman who can stretch in any direction, who loves her husband and her kids, who literally contorts herself to save them every day in a variety of ways, and every word that comes out of her mouth is entirely true to who she is and what she's about.
But because Jon Favreau tells the story with complete emotional truth as to who this character is and what he's going through every step of the way -- finding the real resonance in each scene of this characters' journey -- he's created a story for all of us who've ever felt out of place.
This is not saying that many writers aren't those things, but that the story process requires those qualities to be highly developed. It made me understand what a big moment this was for her and that she knew it and it made me root for her.
If you think back about movies that didn't engage you, I suspect it's because the protagonist didn't ring true. Give them a line or an expression or a mannerism or small action to bring me into her head. For starters, there are many animation studios, creating all different types of animation for a huge global animation market. This rule basically states that you use 40% of the time to talk about your best products and services, and the other 60% to talk about your business and tell a compelling story about it to keep your audience captivated. You should also try to keep your script casual, like an actual discuss between two friends rather than a memorized script. You then go onto mention the possible implications of this problem on the customers’ life and wellbeing.
Depending on your audience, you can choose the tempo, tone of narrator’s voice, background music and the actual wordings of the script. I split my time between ghostwriting books, freelance magazine and newspaper writing, and copywriting projects like press releases, web content, and brochures. As writers, we have a tendency to prefer to be on our own, maybe at home working on our computers. People I had gone to church with hired me for their projects, and old friends signed up for me to do work for them. Maybe your writer’s living dream includes doing some charity or work that gives back to the world.
Her writing business has grown into a training and education company for business growth and personal development.
It was a beautiful resolution of the challenge because it allowed us to say that becoming the hero of your own story is not about losing weight or building muscles or fundamentally altering your body, but instead, determination and grit. Setting this story in a video arcade, seeing Ralph's world as one free-standing game, with a power strip that represents Game Central Station, where characters can travel to other free-standing games, uses the actual world of the film to crystallize the themes. Looking at the other side, for the stories that did engage you, it's because the character made you feel. These moments -- done right -- won't bog down your film; they will only bond your audience to your protagonist, and when you get to your final third-act set piece, you will have earned the emotion. The work experience can range from highly collaborative multi-national productions to the proverbial independent artist working in their garage.
This creates a certain mood by stacking the emotional power, and your customer gets more and more upset while he or she is relating to your video.
When telling a story you can choose the characters according to what your customers look like. You’ll need to make a point to look for new information that can add to what you already know — and even information that challenges what you know. It can be tempting to want to rush in and start on a project with just a verbal agreement, but control yourself. Ultimately, we want to make a film and a story that is so strong and so enjoyable that families watch them for decades. That is when you bring in hope by introducing a solution to the problem that your product provides. Sometimes the market shows you a place where you can expand, even though you weren’t originally thinking about that chance for growth. I met one of the world’s most known motivational speakers at a seminar and he hired me to do work for him and sent some of his coaching clients my way. Oh, and be open to change and willing to make adjustments, even if that means learning new skills. It doesn’t mean you have to go to parties every week, but it does mean staying in touch. Animation needs all sorts of talents, from artistic to technical to strategic to financial and so on, so always I encourage people to explore and network. You then end with results, telling the customer what happened after the product was used and how your life got better.
At one point, I did a study of our projects and found that 78 percent of our business came from relationships. But when you run a writing business, you’ll need to pay attention to the numbers — how much you charge, as we just talked about, how much money you have coming in, how much is going out, etc. My forthcoming book, Connect and Conquer: Grow Your Business, Organization, and Career Through Online and Offline Relationships, shares insights, tools, tips, and strategies for making relationships work for you.
Knowing this will help you plan and can even assist you in determining what kind of project to take on.

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