Andrew notes that "This episode takes place a few hours after Season Two, episode 11, "Worse Than A Crime" and before episode 12, "Mr.
The only guide to getting ahead once you’ve gotten in—proven strategies for making the most of your college years, based on winning secrets from the country's most successful students What does it take to be a standout student? Digital photos get much of their metadata automatically from the camera that's used to take them but for the most part InDesign files require that metadata be entered manually.
InDesign CS4's File Information dialog now has a new easy to find button to enable the user to export the XMP data and then import it into a new document. This is also possible in CS3 by opening the File Information dialog box and choosing the Advanced pane. For starters when you export a PDF out of InDesign all of that metadata goes along for the ride so you kill two birds with one stone by creating it all in InDesign. I've been diving into search engine optimization over the last few months and I can tell you it's quite a thrill to find your work on the first page of Google with some generic search terms. The metadata will be added to the PDF as long as it’s contained in the first file of the book. I’m recently into Zotero and I now have questions about adding bibliographic metadata when exporting pdf-s. Zotero does not currently use the XMP or legacy metadata in a PDF, but performs searches based on the content of the PDF. We name our indd’s with the job number – so if a client recalls a job from a few years back, hopefully the job number could be in the metadata! Then in February, 2010, the bibliography program Mendeley released a new version that added the ability to extract bibliographical metadata from PDFs, noting that both Nature and Elsevier now routinely insert this (PRISM) information in the journals they publish in PDF format. Why does InDesign’s File Info dialog say that semicolons or commas can be used to separate lists; but if you use commas, it changes them to semicolons?
I am also having trouble with this in CS6 and end up having to open the exported PDF and changing it back to commas. Is there another process to get the exported book’s PDF metadata to be correct in CS6?
I accept it’s hard for most people to grasp the concept that there is actually a global audience who are willing to pay them for what they already have stored in their brain.  But, when the reality of numbers starts to kick in, the excitement very quickly builds. Without buyers, even your very best product creation ideas will stay stuck on the online ‘shelf’.   The key to developing an information product that people buy is picking an audience that needs a problem solved. Discover your audience’s needs and serve them with advice and how-to information products that can solve their problems and improve their lives.
Your answers here will give you some ideas on what ‘how to’ information you can use to begin your product creation. Creating your product in multiple formats will allow you to price stretch your product.  You can turn a $47 eBook into a $197 product by creating some videos and audios as support.
We all know that technology is moving forward at a rapid speed.  Some short term money can be made by jumping on the bandwagon on a new fad idea such as the “Miracle Diet’. If you want to create a REAL business making REAL money you’ll benefit far more by keeping your product creation topics ‘evergreen’. When you are focusing on a tighter audience you’ll have a much easier time becoming the leader in your field. This is a sure-fire secret to know you are creating a product that answers your audiences’ needs! This secret took me a long time to learn!  Get into the habit of recording everything – and I mean absolutely everything that you do in your business.  Whether you are setting up some new technology, a coaching call or giving a presentation – RECORD IT!  You’ll be amazed at how all these recordings will come in handy to include as bonuses when you are promoting your new product.

When I ask clients to come up with a few bonuses to add value during a promotion, they will often think they have nothing to give.  So if you are in the habit of recording whatever it is you do, you’ll be amazed at how valuable all these extra tit-bits of information will be to prospective buyers. At the end of the day, “everything is a remix”, so don’t be afraid to give old information new form.
You can start the product creation process and build a profitable online business starting today with just a little bit of help and guidance.
Fay McLean is a home based entrepreneur, marketing + launch strategist who specialises in showing you how to build a thriving online business you love using successful and simple launch strategies so you can reach more people and make a bigger difference while creating the lifestyle you want. Great post Fay, I’m praying for Murray’s speedy recovery and you too of course!
Overnight Results!!I got instant results - I created a new higher priced package and sold a new client into it OVERNIGHT!
Securing International ContractsAfter implementing the strategies in Fay’s program, in just a few short months, I am now securing major corporate and international contracts for my services. This post is taken from our Q&A Section on Diamond Guide that is meant to give advice to people about Diamonds and Diamond Buying. One thing to keep in mind, is that the bigger the Diamond gets, the easier the Inclusions will be to spot. I would trust the report you have, GIA is the best in the industry, but it doesn’t hurt to take it somewhere and have it double checked. Basically, whatever you decide to do is fine - the most important thing is to read the material and come along prepared to discuss it!
How can you make the most of your college years—graduate with honors, choose exciting activities, build a head-turning resume, and gain access to the best post-college opportunities? The place to do that is in the File Information dialog box which can be launched using the File > File Info command. From there you can choose to either replace or append any metadata already in the document or to save it for use in a different document. You can confirm that by opening the document properties pane in Acrobat and if the PDF needs to be changed, you don't have to worry about re-entering or importing the metadata. If that PDF is going to wind up on the web, that metadata is going to be searched by Google, Yahoo, MSN and any other search engines out there. If you're preparing documents for clients they'll undoubtedly appreciate it, too and hopefully these tips will make it a bit easier. These are 50 separate ID3 files that will eventually be exported en masse into a PDF file (more than 900 pages).
If I set the metadata on one file, do I synchronize all 50 – before exporting – in order to get the final package to have the right metadata?
Of course if you need it for the InDesign files for some reason, you can use the export import options I outlined above. I mean, how hard can it be to have a cross-Creative Suite setting per user of the computer so at least the author’s info gets placed into the metadata of all CS programs (ID, PS, Ill, Acro, etc) automagically upon saving a file without existing metadata?
I have an almost 1000-pages book with 10 sections and each section has around 3-4 chapters (all have different authors). I have changed the metadata in the first several documents in the Indesign book, then export, but the metadata in the exported book is still wrong? Whenever I tell people they can make a difference and a lot of money at the same time by sharing their skills, talents and expertise with others, they often look at me as if I’ve gone a little crazy. Our online businesses are indeed a blessing every day, but especially in times like this, as I can attest to over the past several months as well.

So in 1.25 Carat Diamond, you may have to step up into a VS stone to not see any of the Inclusions.
You are just one of the very few people who have a stone that large, and also have excellent eye sight and able to see such microscopic characteristics. The Diamond is Laser Inscribed, so grab a Microscope or 10x Jeweler’s Loupe and view the engraving on the side of your Girdle.
When Coulson discovers his ties to a World War 2 experiment, it becomes a race to recruit or capture the young man.
Based on interviews with star students at universities nationwide, from Harvard to the University of Arizona, How to Win at College presents seventy-five simple rules that will rocket you to the top of the class. Pretty easy stuff, but what if you're doing a series of documents that all use the same metadata? To import into a new file, click the small arrow next to the export button and choose import. Adding well worded metadata will make it that much easier for your document to be found when the search engines start crawling your site.
He has more than 15 years of industry experience and has been using InDesign since version 1.0. You might want to wander over to the Adobe U2U forums and post something on the scripting forum. Pricing a product is a deep topic that I cover in full detail in the LEAP Funnel Formula but for now, keep in mind that including lots of video will increase the value of your product. You will be given the most valuable content to include in your product.  See which threads are the most popular.
I came away with useful, informative, enlightening, practical and constructive information. These college-tested—and often surprising—strategies include:• Don’t do all your reading• Drop classes every term• Become a club president• Care about your grades, Ignore your GPA• Never pull an all-nighter• Take three days to write a paper• Always be working on a “grand project”• Do one thing better than anyone else you knowProving that success has little to do with being a genius workaholic, and everything to do with playing the game, How to Win at College is the must-have guide for making the most of these four important years—and getting an edge on life after graduation.
That metadata will even be found if you've encrypted the document and saved it with Acrobat 6 or later compatibility.
But I would now like to export every single chapter in the book into pdf file, because these are the actual units for referring to. I prefer to get the keywords out of the PDFs, but they always end up having semicolons no matter what I do. Once you have 10 or so popular threads, map out how you can include the answers in your next product.
Drunvalo Melchizedek presents the Flower of Life Workshop, illuminating the mysteries of how we came to be. And I would like to have the relevant bibliographic metadata for each of these chapters included in the pdf so that Zotero (or other reference management software) could retrieve the data from the file (the title of the book, its ISBN, the title of the chapter, its author, page range etc).
Using just some of Fay's simple marketing strategies, our client bookings have increased by first 100%, then 200% and now by a massive 300%!

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