People often devote a massive chunk of their time for planning vacations and reading restaurant reviews, but rarely think of estate planning and investment. A spousal rollover remains tax-deferred until the property is sold or the surviving spouse dies. Estate equalization, mortgage repayment, real estate fluctuations and capital gains create a need for liquidity. Estate planning facilitates the strategic organization of assets to ensure that you attract a minimum of taxes on real estate holdings. For any property that is held in joint tenancy, the ownership remains with the surviving spouse and upon the death of the surviving spouse, the will dictates the distribution of the property. You need to ensure adequate liquidity when preparing your estate plan to make sure that all the costs arising out of your property tax deferral program are covered. When children are not in agreement with the way you wish to dispose of your property, you can consider estate equalization and use your assets and cash as a replacement to the interest.
When liquidating property, it is important to ensure that it does not give rise to interpersonal conflict and family harmony is maintained.
If the property is left outright to the surviving spouse who remarries it may end up in the hands of an unintended beneficiary. The real estate properties that are doing well should ideally be transferred to desired beneficiaries or surviving family members. Estate planning experts are of the opinion that investing in commercial property through a holding company can prove to be highly beneficial when the income is split. Life insurance proves to be the most feasible and practical investment for providing the necessary liquidity when the circumstances are critical.
Rental property is an easy way to earn cash from a depreciating property even with maintenance costs. Investing in rental property allows you to earn a good amount of money without incurring tax liabilities. The real estate arena is highly competitive but following these tips will surely help you make profitable real estate investments. Zoe Lawford studied marketing management and currently works as an online marketing associate for Blossom Wealth Management. That meeting has had me thinking about the factors that ultimately lead to this kind of crisis. When there’s stress in your marriage, you’re naturally going to be open to getting some marriage advice and where you go to get that advice could make the difference between a healthy marriage and a divorce.

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It can be very complicated, but this solid plan will keep you organized and on track at all times. It helps in reducing the burden of repayment on the beneficiary when the estate is transferred. Tax is deferred only if the property is held in joint tenancy, but if it is left to the surviving spouse in the will, it will attract tax on transfer.
Any liquidity that is required to pay taxes should also be funded in advance to ensure that the inheritors don’t have to face any financial difficulties in future. It generates a constant flow of cash that is tax advantaged until the time you own the property. You can also buy a property, fix it and sell it at an attractive price while incurring a much lesser tax liability. She has been involved in a lot of research in the areas of wealth and investment planning and likes to share her experiences on various platforms. The couple had faced a steady stream of recent struggles, but the extent of his destructive behavior (adultery, etc.) was much more than she had previously thought possible. It happens when there’s stress in the marriage due to financial pressure, sexual frustration, exhaustion or a million other factors. If you gravitate to friends, relatives or co-workers who glamorize divorce or trash talk your spouse, you’d injecting poison into your marriage. Your marriage will never be stronger than your trust in each other, so fight for trust and be transparent and honest in all areas of your relationship. If you are a real estate investor, estate planning allows you to optimize capital gains while reducing your tax liabilities. Follow these five estate planning strategies to ensure that all your assets are passed on to your designated beneficiaries without inviting any familial discord. A spousal trust allows the testator to designate the inheritors of the property when the surviving spouse dies.

If the market value of the rental property exceeds the capital cost, the tax is payable on the recaptured value. Solving the liquidity issues beforehand will save the estate executors from tax implications, especially if the real estate market is unfavorable or constantly fluctuating.
Another way to reduce your taxes is opting for 1031 exchange, which allows you to move your capital gains into a new property.
She, like so many spouses, now finds herself at a crossroads where she must decide how to proceed.
For those of us who are not in crisis, I want to focus on some points on how to prevent a crisis in our marriages. In those moments (and every marriage has these moments of stress), we must make the choice to work together instead of working against each other. Instead, look for those who have a strong marriage themselves and also have love and commitment for your entire family. Forgiveness simply means choose to pursue restoration in the relationship instead of revenge when you’ve been wronged. If the value is less than the capital cost, it will result in a loss which can be deducted against other gains.
With children involved, she feels stuck a lose-lose situation no matter what she chooses to do next. I believe that if we’ll follow these five principles below, we’ll be taking a big step towards safeguarding our hearts and our homes.
We need to support each other and be more focused on unity in the marriage than our own temporary need being met. Choosing to help each other instead of blaming each other is one of the MOST important things you can to for your marriage.
Forgiveness is the first step towards healing and rebuilding trust when it has been broken.

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