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The Children of the Maize: Seven Ancient Mayan Secrets to Spiritual Enlightenment, Peace and Happiness by Arnulfo G.
The Children of the Maize is an extraordinary tale of genocide, ancient Mayan secrets and resurrection: the story and teachings of Arnulfo Oxlaj, K’iche’ wise man and guide from the Qamol Be lineage in Guatemala. The Children of the Maize is an extraordinary tale of genocide, ancient Mayan secrets and resurrection: the story and teachings of Arnulfo Oxlaj, K’iche’ wise man and guide from the Q?amol B?e lineage in Guatemala. Vzhladom na castejsie obmeny vydani tejto knihy v zahranici, kus, ktory vam zasleme, nemusi mat rovnaku obalku ako je zobrazena tu.
Once upon a time Ruby O’Neill lived in her very own ivory tower (a beautiful little cottage) with her very own fairytale prince (her handsome husband Jonathan). Mate o knihe viac informacii ako je na tejto stranke alebo ste nasli chybu?
Pre odoslanie formulara prosim potvrdte, ze uvedene informacie neporusuju autorske prava a ze suhlasite s ich vyuzitim.

Urcite ani Vy nemate radi, ak Vam niekto pokazi pozitok z citania knihy alebo pozerania filmu a povie Vam, ako pribeh skonci. Prihlaste sa a mozete ihned zacat hodnotit knihy jedinym klikom a vytvorit si u nas vlastnu kniznicu!
Moja kniznica je nasa jedinecna sluzba, ktora Vam umoznuje jednoducho hodnotit knihy, ktore sa Vam pacia (alebo nepacia) a vytvarat si tak svoju virtualnu "kniznicu". Cистема управления Cлавян уникальна тем, что гарантирует приход к власти только самых мудрых и лучших из общества. Arnulfo was born without hearing, sight or voice but with a special gift – to be able to hear, see and speak with the soul. She had roses round her door and her friends were never far away – life in her fairytale land was perfect. Aby sme tomu predisli, prispevky, ktore prezradzaju dolezite momenty deja, pridame na stranku no zaroven specialne oznacime a dame citatelom moznost nezobrazit ich. Jedinym kliknutim si do neho mozete ukladat tituly, ktore Vas zaujali a ktore by ste mozno v buducnosti chceli kupit pre seba alebo svojich blizkych.

A miraculous survivor of a child massacre, a mysterious character he calls Abuelo helped him develop his gift, and transform his endless sadness into a revolution of love and generosity.
But grown-up fairy stories don’t last forever and one dark night Ruby’s life is smashed into a million pieces. This book transports the reader into the magical world of the Children of the Maize, the people who remained beneath the shadow of the Centre of Nature, wwho remained in the light, revealing the secrets of the Path of Life, the path to the peace the world is seeking today.
With her castle in the air destroyed and her heart broken, she swears she will never love again. This path is still practised, and is highly relevant to us today in our search for happiness and peace. Yet guardian angels hide in the strangest places and from Ruby’s darkest night, six magical secrets slowly emerge to show her life is for living and that tomorrow is not too late for love.

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