Next to the Crick Cabana lot you may notice a large, strange tree unlike any other in the game.
Now you are faced with a small puzzle of sorts in which you must correctly choose the correct options in order to continue. I believe one’s sim also has to have a high skill level in order to get that strange tree to open up.
The secret area is the Hermit’s Mountainside Retreat which you get to after traveling through the Deep Woods via the Bramble Patch. Step 4 – When you find the Bramble Patch you only have one option when you click on it and that is to explore.
There are a few thing to find in this place you can’t find anywhere else on Granite Falls. Thanks maybe just maybe this will help.I haven’t found the hermit and I got it on the first day of release!

Sims 4 Downloads - daily custom content finds for your game, TS4 CC, creators and sites showcase! Now you can enter the following cheat codes to get more Simoleons and change a number of effects. The following cheats are interactive cheats which will work after activating the testing mode. Forgotten Grotto: You need to be at Oasis Springs and then open up the Mineshaft in Desert Bloom.
Sylvan Glade: The players needs to go to Willow Creek, after that to Crick Cabana where you would find a tree that will lead to a secret place.
Just look for the place that has the most distance from the waterfalls of the National Park.
You can catch the rare Mountain Lionfish with fishing, capture a Will-o-Whisp to add to your Insects Collection and find different herbs.

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Check out the complete game guide below and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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