I once read a comment on this song that it lowers intelligence and yeah it’s pretty damn stupid. While I do think another song Notre Dame de Paris is worst, I excuse it since it is a bridge song. Love is Everything is ending song for the Jetlag  version and boy oh boy is it a lazy piece of exploitative deleted. This song is the opening song for Enchanted Tales.  Unlike The Bells all Rings this song  attacks your intelligence.
I’d Stick with you is a buddy  song between Quasimodo and Zephyr (Esmeralda & Phoebus’ son).
It would be okay if one or two of the songs were actually catchy and they kept closer to the book. Peter Murphy next week will release The Secret Bees of Ninth, a six-track digital EP that features three previously unreleased songs. It comes out of nowhere and somehow this is the love song for Esmeralda and Quasimodo who just met.  But the bell imagery fits. The Gargoyles’ song  is infamous because the gargoyles sing “doo-wa” in  a jazzy manner while wearing sunglasses and playing instruments.
Quasimodo sings about how love is awesome and he’s happy to be in love and to be loved Blah blah blah how many songs are like this?

It’s Zephyr posing a stupid scenario that if he was covered in glue would Quasimodo still be his friend. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Hunchback versions like Secret of the Hunchback, Jetlag, or Enchanted could have dominated this List but that a little unfair as they are very much the worst of the worst that everything about them is crap.
The song builds up Quasimodo’s confidence only to have it crash down right after this song. So while it is indeed  very very stupid it’s harmless it won’t impact your intelligence too much.
His motivation is he wants the gold of Notre Dame and as this “villain song” implies he is going to use it to take over the world.  So yeah his motivations are generic and confused much like this song. Quasimodo’s life goal has been to be love  so love can’t nail him or derail him when he has been working and hoping that this will happen to him. Musically this song feels all over the place and ends with Frollo going very low which feels weird and out of place. Originally it was a bridge song for a Frollo song but instead it’s Quasimodo singing about Esmeralda being shallow for not noticing his pure love and the other guys lustful intensions. She also gives instruments to mice.   Considering that she can make instruments come to life with annoying personalities, I find it hard to believe that this only her imagination.

So while it’s kinda of works in way  it just an excuse to get a singing gargoyle in the movie. The thing we got all that from “Belle” (one of the greatest hunchback songs ever)  and it’s just plain out of character for Quasimodo to sing those things. The whole thing is a failure of execution but so is the rest of the movie.  I will say that this song does a better job of telling Quasimodo that he is awesome.
And considering it’s short and musically it’s only a few chords getting the character wrong is a major issue. I mean I guess it shows her character but Not Esmeralda never showed a personality other than blandly nice so there is no point to this. And  to make matters worse this song doesn’t even have to exist as it’s a replacement song. I mean she doesn’t seem at all concern that she is going to die.  The lyrics are crap, the visuals are stupid, context is shit, and the singing is grating.

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