Although the standard license covers most uses, we know there are customers who need even more, such as unlimited print circulation. Watch the video below where my beautiful wife Felicia explains the difference between Affirmations & Afformations. Here are some examples of  affirmations vs afformations: ”Why am I so successful?” Your subconscious is forced to look for the answer to that question. To sum it up, you have to take actions in working on your personal development and mindset as well as doing those income producing activities. We hope this book helps you to get your mindset right and take action both personally and professionally.

We had a really fun and enlightening experience a few years back where  Noah contacted us in reference to our blog post review of “The Secret Code of Success” and he even hosted a conference call with all of our team members thus providing a multitude of value for all of us.
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John’s book called “The Secret Code of Success” is that those affirmations don’t really work…Why you ask?
You have to read his book,”The Secret Code of Success” for the steps needed to take in order to work on your subconscious mind, but one example of a step Noah says to do is to ask yourself empowering questions… aka afformations. I didn’t realise there was a distinction between those two but I can definitely see how Afformations are so much more powerful!

John’s book, “The Secret Code of Success” to find out the other steps for living a more abundant happy life.

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