Cowdh, 'secret intimate friendship' - from a selection of Biblical Hebrew word studies taken from our courses and supplementary in-depth Hebrew word essays added online for general use. Amos 3:7 must be one of the most beautiful pictures of the early relationship between the prophet and God. The idea of secrets is not so much that of heavenly knowledge to which only the elite have access but more with respect to counsel and confidential plans which God opens up to His friend the prophet. The best way of imagining it is to think of the prophet and God sitting down together on adjacent cushions in a nomad's tent in the desert to discuss matters, in intimacy, not needing to shout. It is the side-by-side, still, quiet intimate voice of God that is heard here, not the voice of the earthquake, thunder or fire.

Job 19:19 is rendered "all of my close friends abhor me" in the New King James Bible and the word translated as 'close friends' is again cowdh. Abraham - God's friendThis was more than just imagery for Abraham when God visited his tent in Genesis 18.
A proper understanding of the picture language that Hebrew is able to portray enhances the full meaning of this verse. And his desire was that we might all be prophets (Numbers 11:17,29), how much more should we want to be face to face friends of God.
If you remember God appeared with two others before Abraham who was sitting in the door or flap of his tent.

The word cowdh or sowdh (Strong's #5475), usually rendered 'secret' in this passage is not done justice to unless the whole canvas is painted. To have had the animated bartering discussion over the lives of Sodom that Abraham had you would have had to have been God's friend!

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