There are many things that we find scary and particularly when it comes to creepy crawlies.
The Giant Huntsman Spider is technically known as the Heteropoda Maxima, maxima being from the Latin word 'Maximus' meaning largest. The Giant Huntsman Spider however is not the world's largest spider unanimously and unchallenged; as in terms of body mass the Goliath Birdeater Spider may be larger.
The good news though is that neither of these huge spiders is really much danger to a human, and while they are huge and scary you'd probably rather have one of these in your home than a black widow.
The Belgian horse breed, also known as Brabant, is one of the largest breeds of horses in the world today.
Radar has a relatively small head when compared to its neck, which is thick, muscular and powerful. Although the horse sports mammoth dimensions and wherever it is displayed there are sign boards warning visitors to be wary of the horse, the worlds largest horse is mostly well-behaved and has earned himself the title of the gentle-giant.
Some Belgian drafts, like the worlds largest horse- Radar, have started enjoying exhibitions and going on display shows and endorsing horse-related products. The worlds largest horse is one hell of a show horse itself, and it could be seen touring the country to participate in various events concerning some of the endorsement products and displaying his awesome structure and stature. Sticking to the tremendous lineage and genealogy of the great history and performance of the Brabant breed of horses, Radar- the worlds largest horse is definitely bringing accolades to its breed.

However the top prize for the most universally feared household pest has got to be the spider a€“ with its eight long legs, it's inhuman walk, it's scuttling dashes, and its fine layer of hair a€“ there is something innately repulsive about these poor creatures that turns the stomachs of many of us.
So imagine the horror of encountering a Giant Huntsman Spider a€“ the world's biggest spider and the stuff of nightmares. It is the world's biggest spider by its leg-span which covers an impressive 14 inches and appears yellow-brown with a covering of darker spots toward the rear. Radara€™s shoulders, quarters and upper body are heftily built and speak volumes about the strength of the worlds largest horse. Radar loves to do display shows, and has been featured on many television shows and at various stores. Because such horses are usually large, and look great, the Belgians and their caretakers are finding good opportunities in the world of product promotion and in exhibitions. The previous record for the largest Belgium draft breed was named Brooklyn Supreme, who stood at more than 19 hands and weighed almost 1500 kgs.
We are in fact it seems evolutionary adapted to fear spiders and as such there is a visceral and almost unavoidable reaction for many of us when we se them. The legs are proportionately longer than most spiders when compared to the body (the body is just 4.6 centimeters), and will also curl almost like a crab (as though it wasn't disturbing enough that this is the world's largest spider). The leg span is almost as large as the Giant Huntsman Spider, except in this case it also has a larger body and most impressively can weigh up to 6 ounces.

The Brabants are so large that they can measure up to 17 hands high (or hh, which is the unit of measuring a horsea€™s height from toe to the hoof). Born in Iowa in 1998, Radar is a fun loving horse and is truly living up to the expectations of the Belgian draft breeds.
The Belgians proved to be one of the best pullers of weight and were therefore, mostly used as farm horses. As the name suggests, not only is this the world's biggest spider by mass, but it has also been observed eating humming birds, mice, rats and even snakes. A testimony to the great strength and size of this particular breed of horses is Radar- the worlds largest horse. Although all horses consume a lot of food and grain, the worlds largest horse is a league apart, after all, getting a horsea€™s name registered with the Guinness book of World Records as the tallest living horse does have its price. The Belgians drafts have earned themselves the status of hard-working horses, and are used to pull weights and trails even today. The worlds largest horse consumes almost 60 pounds combined of grains and hay, and tanks up to twenty gallons of water, each day!

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