Turn yourself into a total hottie while lounging by the pool or on the beach of a remote island somewhere by turning towards any of the following sizzling swimwear designs featured in Victoria's Secret 2013 swimwear collection! Hide 7 puppies from 2 parents,1 nosy little sister, an entiremiddle school, and 1 mean girlout for revenge! In case you don’t remember, they caught me hanging out on-line late at night, and then when I did poorly on my math test the next day, they blamed the good old World Wide Web. Anyways, I have to be online for 45 minutes later tonight to discuss this end-of-the-school-year project with a couple of kids on in a chatroom. I was willing to stay in school longer just to preserve the little time I have for surfing the web! Seriously, it looked like someone burned down the animal shelter and then ran over his camera with a monster truck.
I spit it out really loud, like he was about to walk into a room full of lions and I HAD to warn him, fast!
Karlie Kloss, Sofia Vergara, Nicole Richie, Miranda Kerr and dozens of other fashionable folk all walked the red carpet. The event, hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen,A honors outstanding achievement in fashion design.

Victoria’s Sceret has been one Photoshop disaster after another for the memorable past. I think it’s people’s own prerogative to be able to look at something and know the difference between ‘this is what someone looks like with makeup on’ and ‘this is what they look like in real life’.
It’s not a fair message, but at the same time I think we’re all intelligent enough to know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. Anyway, it sounds like Heatherton’s stance on Photoshop has softened considerably since the last time she was asked similar questions.
She’s got the world by the tail, so whatever she says will play splendifabulous next to her photos. This girl named Courtney RUINED that plan by saying, “I have to get my retainer tightened after school.
You know parents, they basically trying to protect you or reminding something that you should do something. Unfortunately, one of their blondest Angels, Erin Heatherton, dropped by the Golden Heart gala earlier this week and had to answer for some of the brand’s sins. This is what happens when you do a photo shoot; retouching is an essential part of our job, you know.

I think that’s something that children should be taught by their parents, it should be taught in schools.
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But at the same time, Photoshop makes things look beautiful just as you have special effects in movies.
And I don’t think people should confuse fantasy and reality because no one is perfect–we all know that, and I think people should embrace themselves and not really focus on where people are depicted as perfect and where they’re not.
I think the main issue is people just knowing their own body, having strength in their own body image and their own confidence, which shouldn’t be affected by these kinds of things.

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