You are GuaranteedI want you to be extremely happy with every product you buy from me, which is why I give a 'no hassle' money back guarantee. To reach the deepest levels of meditation, you normally need many years of meditation experience.
Listen to these sessions in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. This deep Theta brain entrainment session, is designed to  make it easier to experience a deeper state of meditation, usually only achieved after many years of practice. The session begins at the top of the high Alpha range (12 Hz), and guides you down to high Theta in about 7 minutes. As you close in on the end of the session (after 46 minutes), you are gradually taken out of the deep Theta state and back into a more aware but still relaxed state in high Alpha. You get the 7 Mp3s listed below, so you can choose the sound that suits your mood.  Each contains the exact same frequency session, but with an alternative background option. Note: Laptop speakers are usually too small to produce enough bass to hear the entrainment tones effectively. Headphones are not required, but using them will often result in a more deeper entrainment experience. Die Session stimuliert damit den mittleren Theta Bereich, sodass der Nutzer hier wahrscheinlich leichter bei Bewusstsein bleiben kann als mit den tieferen Theta Meditationen. Mach es Dir sitzend oder liegend bequem, schlie?e Deine Augen und beobachte innerlich was geschieht. Der Anbieter der auf diesen Seiten vorgestellten BrainWave-Sounds verspricht keine Heilung von Krankheiten oder anderer Leiden. The deeply transformative sound healing frequencies used in our Chakra Suite CDs and MP3s progress from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra, spending approximately 5-7 minutes at each, depending on the length of the program.
Chakra balancing with our simple, easy to use sound healing Chakra meditations is an essential first step in rebalancing your life's vital energy, Body, Mind and Soul! These programs use a technique called "binaural beats" to bring you to the desired brainwave mediation state; Click Here to learn more.
Relax, close your eyes, put on your headphones, and get ready for one of the most unique and powerful Chakra meditations you will ever experience! The Enlightened Gamma Chakra Suite MP3 download includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras. The Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite MP3 download includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras. The Theta Healing Chakra Suite download includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras.
The Deep Delta Chakra Suite MP3 download includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras. Both the 34 minute Awakened Alpha and the 50 minute Delta Level Binaural Beat Chakra Meditations. Recordings in the "Sound Medicine Series" from Ellipsis Arts are designed to tap the healing power inherent in music. Your body is not the only thing that can use a good massage once in a while; the mind benefits from different forms of stimulation as well.
We all experience many states of consciousness, from ordinary waking and sleeping to extraordinary states in which we are more at peace, particularly aware, or exceptionally creative. Listeners who find themselves frustrated by their inability to achieve a refreshing night of sleep may find positive results from the audio techniques of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has been doing research on the link between brainwave states and music for over 25 years, and is widely considered an expert in the field. It's common, when life gets stressful, to wish you could be miles away, preferably somewhere remote where you could be completely free from the strain. We all experience many states of consciousness, from ordinary waking and sleeping states to extraordinary states in which we are more at peace, particularly aware, or unusually creative. Combining this powerful new recording process with carefully selected works of Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Vivaldi, and Beethoven offers a beautiful and unique listening experience as well as a powerful tool for personal transformation. When it's time to get some sleep, there are certain sounds that are almost universally considered soothing and appropriate for bedtime - one such sound is the pitter patter of gentle rain. When your stress level is maxing out and you need a break, getting back to nature can do wonders for your psyche.
With over two decades of clinical research on sleep improvement under his belt, it's safe to say that Dr. In the background, a gentle rain falls and claps of distant thunder quietly stir the feeling of peace within your tranquil shelter. Includes Music for Sleep CD, Eye Mask, Ear Plugs & Sleep Balm Everything you need for deep, restful sleep at home or when traveling.
Silvia Nakkach is a pioneer in the field of sound, transformation of consciousness, and music shamanism. So for better sound quality and results, we recommend using external speakers or headphones. Am besten am Wochenende oder wenn Du Zeit fur Dich hast, denn die Theta-Meditation ist ein sehr „tiefes“ Erlebnis. Die Verwendung der BrainWave-Sounds zur Gehirnwellenstimulation ersetzt keine medizinischen oder psychologischen Behandlungen. The tones will progress up, from the Root Chakra to the Crown, from a Beta frequency of 20.3 Hz to a Gamma frequency of 45 Hz, spending about five minutes at each Chakra. Our automatic download system will redirect you immediately after payment to a download page, and also send you an e-mail with download instructions.

Consequently, you should only use this in a time and place where it is OK to possibly fall asleep, especially if you are new to this. Consequently, you should only use this in a time and place where it is OK to possibly fall asleep. Consequently, you should only use this at a time and place where it is OK to possibly fall asleep. MUSIC FOR BRAINWAVE MASSAGE does just that; it provides an hour of enormously soothing synthesizer-based sounds designed to help you profoundly relax and experience feelings of renewal. His programs do a fantastic job of an atmosphere of peace, while behind the scenes, helping the individual calm the mind, enter heightened creative states and grow. Your hotel is conveniently located right on the coast; close enough that you can actually hear the waves lapping on the shore. If you like the idea of drifting off as rain trickles outside, this album will be a godsend for you. Unfortunately, that's not always possible on a moment's notice, especially during the winter months. By entraining your brainwaves to reside in this pattern, you can develop greater control over the stress in your life and clear the clutter that swirls in your mind. When one entrains the brain to enter such phases, the person becomes receptive to the therapeutic potential such practices have to offer. Jeffrey Thompson, THETA MEDITATION SYSTEM is a two-part program that combines soothing musical soundscapes with groundbreaking brainwave technology to help you let go of stress, renew your spirit and gain insight.
For this unique collaboration her own ambient vocals, keyboards, percussion, cello, bass, esraj, and guitars are embedded with clinically proven Alpha Relaxation audio processes developed by Dr. Thompson's pioneering audio processes, will transport you to a place of inner peace and quiert joy.
She is the founding director of the Vox Mundi Project, an organization devoted to the education, preservation, and performance of sacred vocal arts. Jeffrey Thompson's clinical research with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundracks can alter states of consciousness and induce mind-body healing. Others may experience lucid visualizations, since this level of Theta is closely correlated with REM sleep. Vor der Nutzung der zur Verfugung gestellten Streams und Downloads sollte im Zweifelsfall ein Arzt konsultiert werden.
Advanced meditation and yoga practices associate the Gamma brainwave frequency with a state of pure compassion. This brainwave frequency occurs during day dreaming, fantasizing and creative visualization. To take advantage of the binaural beats, you must use headphones, and be in a time and place where it is OK to relax or even fall sleep. To take advantage of the binaural beats, you must use headphones, and be in a time and place where it is OK to deeply relax or sleep. The program, which utilizes both brainwave entrainment frequencies and primordial sounds, has been proven to show discernible changes in brainwave patterns and states of consciousness, as witnessed using brain-mapping EEG equipment.
Jeffrey Thompson, a renowned researcher with an extensive body of work in brainwave behavior, will help you develop clarity, sharpened focus and peak performance with this fascinating recording.
Jeffrey Thompson has been experimenting with sound and brainwaves scientifically since 1980, developing innovative techniques for embedding brainwave audio pulses into musical soundtracks. A clinical researcher who has spent many years studying the correlation between sound and health, Dr.
OCEAN WAVES is a bit of a change for Thompson, as it features no music, only the comforting sound of rolling waves upon the seashores of Maine. With this program from Jeffrey Thompson, listeners are dropped in the middle of the Amazon, where life teems all around you.
Brainwave Symphony uses of inaudible pulses of sound, based on these brain maps, to trigger your brain to produce the state you want to experience. Featured is one solid hour of quiet rain, minus any thunder or disrupting sounds, that was recorded in the rain forest of Olympic National Park. SOOTHING MUSIC FOR SLEEP was designed to help listeners fall asleep easier, minimize sleep disturbances and return to sleep when one awakens unexpectedly.
Pulses of sound embedded in the music activate theta brainwaves, inspiring renewal and letting you connect with your deepest sources of intuitive understanding and healing.
Jeffrey Thompson has developed unique methods for embedding these Alpha pulses into musical soundtracks. She was named by The Utne Reader as one of the 40 cutting-edge artists that will shake the art world in the new millennium.
His audio programs are used by Fortune 500 companies, health care professionals, and individuals worldwide.
Es wird empfohlen, vor dem Gebrauch der angebotenen Produkte deren Wirkung und richtige Anwendung zu studieren.
Researchers have also learned the Gamma brainwave frequency is associated with a heightened sense of perception, information processing and mood. This brainwave frequency is often associated with a deeply relaxed state, and with light trance or meditation. Always use common sense; don't drive, use heavy machinery, cook, or do anything potentially dangerous and requiring your full attention while using ANY self hypnosis, subliminal sound therapy or binaural beat program. MUSIC FOR BRAINWAVE MASSAGE 2.0 features a unique blend of brainwave entrainment frequencies, 3-D psychoacoustic recording techniques and primordial sounds (natural, human and NASA recordings from deep space) that have been altered and inserted into the backing music. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally “lock” onto the inaudible pulses, and lead you easily into the state of mind you choose.

Thompson's synthesized sounds promote delta frequencies, which slow brain activity and accompany the deepest states of sleep.
Of course, that's not all, the album was created using 3-D Binaural Recording techniques, which alters the soundwaves as they wrap around you, riving the feel of three-dimensional sound.
Now imagine that you've just crawled into bed, yet you've kept the windows open because it's such a quiet night.
The music, which is converts brainwave patterns to the delta range, features two elongated tracks of tender piano, guitar, cello and harp melodies.
Jeffrey Thompson has provided this fantastic resource for guiding the brain into more organized thought patterns. Jeffrey Thompson, features an hour of highly soothing music that blends synthesizer atmosphere with remixed nature sounds. The system consists of two CDs and an informative instructional booklet that outlines easy-to-use meditation exercises appropriate for beginners. This kit includes the CD Peaceful Music for Sleep, a breakthough Delta sleep audio program created by Dr.
After a few minutes of listening your own brainwaves "lock" onto the pulses and carry you to states of renewing relaxation.
Der Anbieter ubernimmt trotz sorgfaltiger Recherche keine Garantie, weder stillschweigend noch ausdrucklich, fur die schlussendliche Korrektheit, Aktualitat, Qualitat oder Vollstandigkeit der bereitgestellten Informationen. The goal is, to not only realign your energy to the correct Chakra balance, but also to realign you to a feeling of balance with the planet.
The highly sought after Gamma brainwave state is usually achieved only after many years of meditative practice. It can make for a very refreshing and relaxing "break" during the day, especially when times are stressful. The Theta brainwave frequency is also associated with creative thinking, allowing us to tap into our inner genius. When you first start using a sound therapy program, it might feel a little "different" or "weird" at first, but use common sense, and listen to your body; if you experience uncomfortable symptoms, or exacerbation of current symptoms, discontinue use.
Upon listening for a short amount of time, you'll find that your are feeling more creative, less tense and focused.
What you, the listener, hear is layers upon layers of blissful synthesizer melodies that will calm your mind, yet allow it to remain alert. NATURAL MUSIC FOR SLEEP gets its "natural" edge from the use of nature sounds like ocean waves and bird calls to enhance the music.
Thompson utilizes 3-D Binaural recording techniques to give listeners a very realistic sound that literally seems to encircle you and make you feel as you are actually in this environment. As light sea breezes waft through your window, you can hear the surf, ebbing and flowing nearby.
Jeffrey Thompson, who infuses the pieces with delta brainwave frequencies to help you fall asleep effortlessly and relaxed.
This recording simulates the experience of taking a walk in the park on a warm summer morning, with a menagerie of birds singing around you. The music's pace is slow and it has an atmospheric quality that caresses the senses and provides an easy atmosphere that facilitates the sleep process.
THETA MEDITATION SYSTEM features gentle, smooth synthesizer atmosphere that constantly shifts and evolves through its running time. The effect is pleasant and dreamy, perfect for use as "environment music," while doing tasks that require concentration. Thompson, along with everything you need for a good night's sleep at home or while traveling.
Combined, the elements form gentle, atmospheric music that is useful for combating insomnia and finding rejuvenation through sleep. The soundscape also includes alpha brainwave pulses, for inducing states of deep calm and inner peace.
This rainforest recording also has alpha brainwave pulses working behind the scenes, to help you relax and develop clarity. The calming ambience makes you happy to be alive, and slowly works its magic in helping you drift asleep. The soundscape has been embedded with alpha brainwave pulses, which are designed to synchronize your brain patterns to the alpha state and elicit relaxation and meditation responses.
Incorporated into the tonal waves are theta frequencies, nature sounds that have been altered and are thus unrecognizable to the mind (including some that were obtained from NASA space travel), pulse modulation techniques and more. Besides being pleasant, the music also features a sonic cocktail of entrainment frequencies, sound pulses that have been enveloped in the compositions, 3-D sound techniques and other effects designed for maximum benefit. It's worth noting that the soundscape keeps an even level throughout, without some of the jarring howls and sounds that occasionally populate rainforest recordings.
Thompson also used 3-D Binaural recording techniques to provide a "surround sound" effect when listening. The peaceful sound of rolling ocean waves is accented with delta brainwave technology to help you fall asleep with greater ease.

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