Comparing with the Consumer Preview, the Release Preview is much more stable though need more improvements.
Here are some screenshots of Windows 8 Release Preview 64-bit running on my Compaq Presario CQ42-270TU. Learning how to start a fire without matches or a lighter is one of the most basic outdoor survival tips for campers. This method requires a lens or magnifying glass that will be used to magnify the rays of the sun and create a hot spot. When none of the above tools are available, a fire can be started using resources available in the woods. To start fire using this method, carve a 6-inch by 1-inch groove in the softwood, then carve a point on the end of the hardwood plow.
Knowing how to start a fire in the woods is helpful for campers, but reliable shelter is essential. Dryer lint makes excellent tendir, but often contains hairs, so brace yourself for the smell.
By breaking your project into smaller, iterative pieces, you will be able to learn as you go. I hope these tips will help you to succeed better in your new or ongoing SharePoint projects. The build is the release candidate version before going to RTM (release to manufacture) that will be released on August 2012. I installed the Windows 8 Release Preview 64-bit on my Compaq Presario CQ42-270TU dual-booting with Windows 7.
Fire is not only used to keep campers warm, but it is also useful for cooking food, providing light, repelling insects and boiling drinking water. To start a fire with flint and steel, hold the flint and steel close to the tinder and strike the steel against the flint to create a spark. To use this method, hold the lens approximately 12 inches away from the tinder and angle it until the beam is focused on the smallest possible area. First, obtain a suitable fireboard, which is a piece of softwood that will serve as a base for the fire. Place the plow in the groove on the fireboard and rub back and forth until a small amount of dust is created.
We strive to develop innovatively simple, yet durable equipment that won’t break your back or your piggy bank and are targeted towards solving specific needs or problems that one may encounter whether in combat or on a camping trip.

Several Soldiers tried them out and we also set it up at the end of AT in the TOC and let some Soldiers try it out for size. It was suggested that a Velcro wrapped around the pole may be more secure and be less prone to breaking. If you make things overcomplicated from the very beginning, your project scope becomes ill-defined. As you work with teams (in SharePoint terms mostly translated into site collections, sites and lists), try to stay unbiased as you capture information, reserve decisions and note where to streamline.
This way, you can convert user feedback into requirements, and make changes gradually in order to improve. All the device drivers are installed by default so I don’t need to download and install the drivers manually.
Below are some useful strategies for campers who don’t know how to start a fire without a lighter or matches.
Hold the lens in place until the tinder smolders, then blow on the tinder gently to start the fire. Next, obtain a plow, which is a stick made of hardwood that will be used to create friction. Angle the board and rest it against your knee, allowing the dust to collect in a pile at the bottom.
Cut a number of 100% cotton strings to a length of 1-2 inches, then dip into a puddle of melted paraffin or candle wax long enough that they become saturated. Clearly define roles and responsibilities in order for participants to use their time effectively. You can use this information in a later phase, when you have a broader picture of the solution in mind.
Keep in mind that all of these methods require tinder, which is a material that will catch fire easily.
Be sure to reward their effort with recognition, either directly or through their management chain.
Recognizing and supporting the differences will make your project stronger and, ultimately, drive user adoption. You possibly also have an old SharePoint deployment or another content management solution in place.
The amount of change requests will decrease as you move forward and the overall functionality of the solution improves.

Looking at the stability and performance, I am sure that Microsoft is able to release the final version of Windows 8 on schedule (Oct 26th). What works for one business unit can partially or even totally not work for other departments.
Just realize that it is not about force-feeding them a SharePoint platform, but about adaptive change management. The quality of feedback from end users will equally improve as they see their feedback accepted and implemented.
However, actions can be adapted for your organization in order to help you in moving into the right direction. Listen to your end users, understand their requirements and do what makes sense for the organization.
That does not mean you need to include every difference and request in the initial project scope.
It will not only make sure you are able to start fast, it will also give you a better budget and scope control, and simplify the needed change management. Just make it clear that these differences can be tackled in a later release, and only the major ones may be included in the first place. That way you can make sure everything is clean and swept before the organizational process continues.View in galleryJust remember a garage is not a place for you to put an accumulation of junk that you never use in. Review activity and usage data so that you can prioritize the content on your system and focus on the areas that will deliver the biggest positive impact for everyone. Peg boards.View in galleryUsing a peg board to display your tools is not only easy to do but will make your life easier afterwards. So many times we stack mulch or sand on the ground, in half-open bags as it leaks everywhere. Use those little containers we so often see used in the kitchen for nails and screws that we always seem to be losing.5.
Use the bins!View in gallery I know that I have plenty of various size bins hidden around the house (and in the garage).
Just as long as you make sure each bin is use for a specific item (use a label maker) then it’s just another easy way to stay organized and de-cluttered!{all pics from bhg}.

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