I am Rudina Kopo, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and I am happy to bring this technique in Albanian language to all my country-mates.
I want to reach a significant number of practitioners to increase the level of collective consciousness. One beautiful goal is to implement the science of creative intelligence, higher knowledge in schools, so that children grow up healthy and happy and naturally stronger and more intelligent. Children and adolescents encounter stress at home and at school—just as adults do in jobs and relationships. Stress not only interferes with learning but also places young people at increased vulnerability to drugs or alcohol. The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy for children to practice because it does not require controlled focus or concentration, and children can practice it without having to sit perfectly still. Because the TM program is validated by hundreds of scientific research studies, parents and educators can feel confident that the program is safe and reliable. Everything good about your child’s brain depends on coherent and orderly brain functioning. Practice of the TM technique for 10 minutes twice daily not only stimulates brain development and learning ability in children, but also provides natural relief from stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.
The Transcendental Meditation technique is a valuable tool for a child as she matures, preparing her to meet the stresses and challenges of adolescence and adulthood. Because very young children are still integrating their inner world with the outer world around them, they need a meditation practice that does not require them to sit still or that inhibits their natural inclination to know and discover.
Children under 10 receive a practice appropriate for the developmental stages of early childhood, the Maharishi Word of Wisdom Technique.
Within one school year, elementary school students who practiced TM showed significant gains on a nationally standardized test of basic skills. Adolescent who learned TM, compared to control, showed decreased absenteeism, school rule infractions, and suspension days.
The TM technique is one of the most important techniques to unfold the full potential of the individual, and to activate the body’s healing power. As her mother passed away, Valerie Gangas sunk into such debilitating depression that she was planning to end her life.
After the first twenty minutes of meditating, Valerie opened her eyes and realized that everything she had ever thought she knew was wrong. In her book Enlightenment is Sexy Valerie recounts her journey and the lessons she has learnt along the way. This does not mean that Valerie will not invite and encourage her readers to make any changes, from cleaning up one’s closet to carefully examining the people who surround you.
Ultimately, Valerie inspires her readers to live with courage which rests on a sense of unity, direction and purpose without clinging on to the illusion of control.
Valerie’s writing in Enlightenment is Sexy is so direct and sincere it feels like a one-of-one intimate conversation with an old friend.
As a manifestation of Valerie’s sincerity and inner power, her book is bound to enlighten and inspire everyone who takes it up and opens its pages. Creativity may depend on greater brain integration, according to a new study published in Creativity Research Journal. This book not only explains in great detail what Transcendental Meditation is, how it works and what its benefits are.
Written by Denise Denniston and illustrated by Barry Geller, The TM Book presents knowledge in a question-and-answer format.

The results of scientific studies are presented in rigorous detail, including abstracts and charts. More complex topics are treated from various different angles, and athe cartoons help to hammer home even the most metaphysical ideas.
For all those for whom the word “meditation” – let alone “transcendental meditation”— seems too loaded, this is a go-to guide. Thank you that you are on this page and you have the curiosity to learn something that will make your life better, easier and more fulfilling. I am very happy and I am honored to introduce myself as the first teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Albania and Kosovo. Many professionals believe we’re seeing an epidemic of adolescent depression, driven by stress, with the average onset of depression appearing as early as age 14. Research shows that the Transcendental Meditation technique is a powerful stress buster—and it works for children as well adults. It’s well established that the TM program can help children cope with stress and improve learning ability and behavior. Daily practice produces a healthy state of coherence and balance throughout the brain, with increased activation of the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for discrimination and higher reasoning.
Higher EEG coherence is associated with sharper focus and comprehension, improved learning ability, heightened intelligence and creativity and better moral reasoning. Reducing stress and increasing inner happiness improves a child’s flexibility, social abilities and self-esteem.
A family that meditates together typically finds that their home life grows more harmonious and blissful. According to the timeless tradition of meditation that gave us the Transcendental Meditation technique, no sooner than ten years of age.
At five years of age, children can learn this eyes-open, “walking” meditation. In some cases, children as young as age three to four can learn. By enlivening nature’s intelligence, it allows children and parents alike to live a more healthy life. If your area is not listed, contact our national office and we will direct you to a teacher in your area. Luckily, a chance encounter with a compassionate stranger led Valerie to learn Transcendental Meditation.
Her experiences – in relationships, at school, at work – are something any modern gal can relate to. Instead, her new perspective on things is carved out right in the center of the everyday life as we all know it. It’s not about retreating to a cave to get away from it all – it’s about stepping right in the middle of life and finding joy and bliss in it AS IT IS. Yet these alterations rest on a shift in understanding and experiencing the same old life we are all living. Her formula is really simple: By deepening your sense of the flow of the universe, you can experience the magic of life and not be caught up in fossilized concepts of what must be in order for you to be happy. In the following chapters, she guides her readers with her life story to examine the aspects of our lives that can spiral us to perpetual misery – the illusion of control, settling in love, trying to fit in, fixating on end results, getting trapped in thinking and holding on to grief.
She encourages the readers to trust the universe, get rid of things and people that bring you down, follow your gut, plan and make things happen in cooperation with life’s flow, meditate, forgive, allow emotions to come and go, learn from personal experiences, and pray. From this certainly valid perspective The Transcendental Meditation TM Book: How to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life is brimming with spiritual light.

It is currently out of print, but used and new copies can still be found on Amazon and other stores. It also outright displays the joy, creativity and love of life that practicing meditation cultivates. Each page is accompanied by funny cartoons which both amuse and enlighten, helping to clarify the points made.
Once again, the accompanying illustrations and explanations make it easy to understand what is being discussed.
All possible confusions, whether about superior perceptual-motor performance, auditory discrimination or other tongue-twisters, get cleared up in a joyful tongue-in-cheek manner. Over 150,000 school children around the world have learned the TM technique in the past 3 years alone, and the program has been successfully used in the classroom for 40 years.
This type of more orderly brain functioning is not found while a child is studying, playing, watching TV or listening to music; nor does this balanced, holistic brain functioning come about through other types of relaxation or meditation exercises, such as mindfulness, watching the breath, visualizing, or guided imagination—all such activities activate specific areas of the brain but have not been found to increase EEG coherence. Children, who naturally find self-approval from within, rather than seeking it mostly from the outside, are less influenced by peer pressure and make better decisions. There’s more time for nourishing interactions when stress is released during meditation, instead of through outbursts and arguments. Starting with just a few minutes morning and afternoon, children ten and older find the sit-down, eyes-closed practice of the TM technique effortless and enjoyable, something they can do on their own or with meditating friends or family members. This practice strengthens the mind and helps stabilize the emotions of the young child—nourishing her inner being in a gentle, holistic way. Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless mental practice that can be learned by anyone and it provides wonderful effects by removing stress.
I was certified for teaching TM in Thailand, where I was trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the founding teacher of Transcendental Meditation. What would be better for your children: zoning out in front of the TV, or a few minutes of daily meditation?
The technique is practiced a few minutes each day with eyes open, while the child is quietly engaged in easy, natural activities such as walking or coloring.
The benefits of this technique have been scientifically proven and it allows you to be healthy by keeping your life balanced. We intend to increase the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the individual in every city in Albania, Kosovo or wherever they are, using the following technique. The child grows in stability in relation to the outer world and does not become introverted or withdrawn—as may occur through use of an adult meditation practice that would be unnatural for them. Transcendental Meditation allows you to use a larger amount of mental capacity, of which unfortunately most of us use only 5-10%, thus making you more creative. Transcendental Meditation makes you more social, more acceptable for others, and what matters most, to yourself. I chose TM because it is very simple, does not require much time from my day and makes me enjoy life more, regardless of whether I am alone or with my friends.

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