Hanks had to settle on playing one in the 1995 film “Apollo 13.” But the film reinvigorated his love of space, and he went on to produce the HBO 12-part miniseries “From The Earth to the Moon” about NASA’s moon landings, and he stands on the board of the National Space Society, a nonprofit educational space advocacy organization. In the early 1990’s, when NASA’s budget was threatened, Hanks issued this passionate appeal to congress on the organization’s behalf, lobbying them to continue funding the space program. This week, NASA announced that it will partner with the European Space Agency to send a 4,760-pound spacecraft into space to peer out over billions of galaxies in an effort to map and measure the universe. Original funding for "The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers" was provided by the Alfred P. She looks like she’s trying to use her upper arms to keep the bodice from falling down. The waist on Jena Malone’s dress was 1-2 inches too high, this one is two inches too low. Great dress, though it needs to be taken up a few inches to be more flattering on a non-7-foot-tall person. GIRRRRLLLL you got a gay to get you a semi-cute dress, so can you get one to show you how to pose and to do your hair and makeup???
Love her, love the ensemble, wish she were standing less like she’s about to break into an SNL schtick. If the sleeves were hemmed and fitted a bit better and the types of fabrics be reduced to roughly one-third their current number, this could be kind of cute. Maybe she could have worn the crocheted toilet roll cover on her head to hide what appears to be dirty hair. Her whole head (the way it’s done up, I mean, not her actual head) is really underwhelming here. Why would you deliberately cut you body up into such unflattering proportions with those fabric blocks? Beyond that, those rectangular, beltless dresses are awfully hard to pull off if you’re not a model. This was one of my favorite classic movies as a kid, my grandmother introduced me to Danny Kaye. I can’t figure out why it looks light and airy on the model, but like upholstery fabric on her?!
Yet if you look at Amy & Tina, especially Tina, you see they have both learned how to look presentable on the RC. And yes, Michael Fassbender needs to work on his style and yes, we’ve noted that several times. I only mention Amy and Tina because it appeared to me that Kristin being a comedian was the an excuse for her not being getting it right fashion wise. You could argue that Kristen isn’t enough of a fashionista to be able to use risk-taking as an excuse. My point (taken partially tongue-in-cheek from Party Down) is that not every celebrity is held to the same standards.
We’ve seen a number of iterations of those shoes lately, and yeah, they do not belong on human feet.

A collection of close-up images of pencils, made by Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney is on display at Paul Smith’s West London flagship store until June 3. Aside from cavorting across the world painting murals, Rabi and Davey of Los Angeles street art collective CYRCLE.
Having missed it during its highly successful theatrical run, I made an early trip to the video store (remember those?) this past Tuesday to pick up The Purge on Blu-ray.
I’ll admit that I was less than enthused for Captain Phillips when I first saw the trailer in theaters.
In a 180 to my initial Captain Phillips reaction, the first time I saw the trailer for Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in theaters, I nearly applauded. The fact that Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic tastes are varied, and perhaps unique, should surprise only those who have never heard of Quentin Tarantino. Tags • Afternoon Delight • American Hustle • Amy Adams • Barkhad Abdi • BBC • Before Midnight • Ben Stiller • Blue Jasmine • Bradley Cooper • Captain Phillips • Christian Bale • David O. I am old, and old fashioned enough to want pearls, but if there was a piece with an interesting configuration of hammered metal shapes, I’d be OK with that as well.
Maybe she just needed to hike it all up an inch — it seems to hit the model a little bit higher on her chest and the waist is better placed. A simple pony and a stronger lip (not that horrid orange from the Prada look) would’ve made this sing.
Mendel Soleil and Nuage long sleeve shift dress in pieced lace, jacquard, and cloque organza with graphic tiered hem paired with Christian Louboutin heels.
As it is, it’s too many elements and textures fighting each other in a dress that is otherwise low-key and low-color. Needs some plastic yellow roses and one of those crocheted toilet roll covers to complete the look. The black band at the bottom doesn’t seem to relate to any of the colors or textures above, and I initially thought it might be a top over a miniskirt. I think the shape suits her, and I don’t dislike the busy-ness of the fabrics as much as other people.
Kristen’s a movie star, on the red carpet for her movie premiere, in a designer dress that was almost certainly lent to her for the occasion.
There’s potential for a beautiful dress in there somewhere, redesigned and toned down about 80%. They make everyone who wears them look like they have 2 left feet like Eugene Levy in Best in Show. Apparently 106 of 253 episodes from the iconic series’ first six years have been missing for decades as a result of the BBC either losing or erasing the original tapes for the sake of saving space. The cast, the setting, the tone, everything I’ve seen from the film thus far makes me believe it has a great chance of being included in my end of the year best picture list. It seems to us that someone finally convinced Kristen that she’s allowed to wear dresses with a little shape, pattern and personality to them.
She’s an actress who can be very funny and I like that she can follow her own ideals.

That does not change the fact that she is in a business where a) she will be judged for how she looks on the RC, and B)She is obvious aware of this or why go through the effort of borrowing expensive designer clothing.
True, she and her stylist should have had the sense to put it back in the box from whence it arrived. As you may be expecting, a brief recap and link to each of the above awaits after the jump.
At this point, though, I’ve heard too many good things for me to miss it so consider my box office ticket already purchased. This past week, the tabloid Mirror Online reported that copies of the missing episodes have been found at the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency and the BBC is now in negotiations to acquire the tapes. This latest trailer, while maybe a half-step or so behind the incredible first trailer, only reenforces everything I already believed before this week. She looks like the 5 year old whose mommy just told her to stand up straight & stand still.
DISCLAIMER: The Tom & Lorenzo site is not associated or affiliated with AMC, ABC, BBC, Bravo, CBS, CW, Fox, FX, HBO, Lifetime, Logo, NBC, PBS, Showtime or Sundance. So yes, she has to go prance around for the openings of movies she’s in, but she probably just wants to be comfortable and relaxed as possible under the circumstances. She was a disaster on the red carpet in the beginning, but after some mockery, the woman got her act together and now looks impeccable every time!!
While I can look at this story and find it interesting, I’m sure fans of the series see it in an entirely different, more anticipatory perspective. Just try and not crack a smile following Christian Bale’s opening exchange with Jeremy Renner here. The Tom & Lorenzo site claims no credit for any images featured on this site unless otherwise noted. Unfortunately, I found the stellar logline to be the best thing going for The Purge as a majority of the film’s execution felt flat. This was an easy choice which wasn’t going to malfunction and she could get back to her hotel and whip it off and get comfortable.
I cared little to nothing about the Sandin family, was taken out of the movie during long stretches of characters searching aimlessly around the house with a flashlight, and felt the pic exchanged discernible commentary on societal violence for an all-out bloodbath that was not as much scary as it was a welcomed break from said extensive flashlight searching. The Tom & Lorenzo site is in no way responsible for, or has control of, the content of any external website links or embedded streaming videos.
For those still with me, I think you’ll enjoy the latest trailer for the film and this enthusiastic, spoiler-free, video blog recorded by Steve shortly after seeing the movie. Watch The Purge for the interesting premise, but don’t expect much in the way of scares or social commentary.

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