Not a Muffler Man per se, this figure once stood outside the gas station with a six-shooter in one hand and the remnants of a noose in the other. 2011 UPDATE: The cowboy has been moved to the corner of Great Wolf Road & N Gasser Road in Lake Delton (Sauk County). Big Paul can be seen doing that lumberjack stride in front of one of two Paul Bunyan's Famous Cook Shanty restaurants (the other being up in Minocqua). This building was once home to both the UFO & Sci-Fi Museum and Alien Planet 3D Adventure, which were more than once described by visitors as "cheesy". Once you get past the Poseidon Adventure novelty of walking on the ceiling, the tour unfolds fairly straightforwardly. The Upside of Upside-DownWith Election 2008 upon us, we decided to feature the future home of the next US President as Sight of the Week. Stories, reports and tips on tourist attractions and odd sights in Wisconsin.Explore Thousands of Unique Roadside Landmarks! Retirement savings suddenly vanish, cherished beliefs are upended, things are not as they appear.
This immense White House, resting on its roof in the Wisconsin Dells, suggests by its name that within it lies the answer to why our world currently stands on its head.

Find this attraction and more: museums, birthplaces, graves of the Chief Execs, first ladies, pets, assassins and wannabes.
We threaded our way through jagged holes in brick walls, and a nuclear missile access tunnel, and a labyrinth of doors (avoiding a popular Wisconsin Dells spraying toilet gag). The White House has been scooped up, whisked to Wisconsin Dells, and dropped like something with toxic cooties. No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. The upside-down universe we could accept, we told him, but why were the floors (ceilings) made of dirt? It was one of the more involved tours that we've taken, and its multitude of rooms gives its guides plenty of opportunities to spin the story however they see fit.
Then we abruptly found ourselves in a section of the White House that was right-side-up again. Matthew led us into a chamber with "the two most interesting things we've found to date." These were a large, thrashing monster named Rocky, "made of moon rocks," and a bellowing T-rex temporarily penned behind a high voltage fence a la Jurassic Park. First was a storage room whose shelves were packed to the ceiling with the Watergate tapes and the lost Ark, among other secret treasures.

The screaming of the monsters made it impossible to hear most of Matthew's explanation, but he concluded by saying, "we're still digging to find more rooms." The last stop on the tour was the White House state dining room. We have no idea why." This was not the tidy explanation that we'd hoped for, but since Matthew seemed as baffled as us, we were willing to tag along.
Matthew ushered us through a rotating fun house "decontamination" tunnel -- "It just sucks all the contaminants right off of you!" he said -- and into a hidden laboratory. Matthew offered us a choice of two push buttons: one would allow us to take as much loot as we could carry, the other would set off explosives that would destroy the building.
As proof of his claim, a new President-robot lay half-assembled on a table, and two aliens in silver suits scowled from niches in the wall.
As lights flashed and sirens wailed, Matthew cried for us to flee out a side door to safety.

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