Your browser is severely outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Beginning from the left, that huge pan of peachy, golden tan goodness is called Bronzing Veil, and it’s something of a contouring powder, perfect for defining your cheeks. Too Faced also thoughtfully included a fold-out card with three different tutorials on it, and each one shows the proper products to use and placement. Cool-toned pale princesses and girls with medium skin tones would probably be able to get the most from these shades. As for wear time, well, the powders last longer for me than the creams, which start to settle into my creases after 2-3 hours (good thing the tin is so sturdy and portable, which makes mid-day touch-ups a breeze).

All in all, I like this palette and love the idea, but I think fairer skin tones will be able to take better advantage of it than I.
Great concept and very cute packaging and cool looking products, but I definitely agree–I wish there were more palettes available for a variety of skin tones. I love the concept of this kit and since my complexion is light I think I’d make a good use out of it. I am not sure if you will be able to find it, my sister sent me mine from Poland (she works at a pharmacy). One, a cool-toned rosy pink called Creme Blush, and a matte, cool-toned pink powder blush with tiny flecks of golden glitter.

I am home by myself cause my hubby has gone a business trip to Long Beach, CA so I am kinda bored, just drinking tea, reading beauty blogs and sitting with a mask on my face. I know Ulta carries a lot of Vichy products but I haven’t seen that mask, not even online. I really like it although I need to find a hydrating mask because my skin is very dry this time of the year.

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