The data leaks at the cheating web site Ashley Madison is creating serious problems for holders of national security clearances.  The DoD is taking this event as a possible threat to national security.
In addition to calling a well-trained Security Clearance attorney, like those at the Edmunds Law firm, you can mitigate the allegations. If Guideline C concerns are getting you down, don’t delay, call EDMUNDS LAW FIRM today and get the help you need before your security clearance gets revoked or denied. Even at this basic level, having a security clearance lawyer there to read over your SR86 is invaluable to your accuracy, your completeness, and your honesty. If you are trying to get a security clearance with the Department of Defense and you received a Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, you need legal help, immediately.
When you receive the list of issues and the guidelines that these life events fall into, the Department of Defense adjudicator is going to look into and consider some factors.
In your response to the Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, you need to address each conduct issue with these factors in mind. The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable decision on an Administrative Security Clearance Hearing that was tried by Attorney Alan Edmunds for the Firm. This case involved a woman who was denied for using marijuana on 2 occasions, and also used marijuana while possessing a security clearance. The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision following a Formal Hearing at DOHA in a national security clearance matter. The Edmunds Law Firm is this country’s leading provider for Responses to Statement of Reasons (SOR) on a national level. A Government Contractor received a Statement of Reasons for Personal Conduct and Handling Protected Information.
A Federal Employee received a Statement of Reasons for Financial Allegations (Tax Lien’s, Unpaid Taxes, Collection Accounts Unpaid) and Foreign Influence (Working for a foreign family (Saudi Arabia).
A Systems Engineer working as a Government Contractor for the Department of Defense, received a Statement of Reasons for Drug Involvement, and Personal Conduct. The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of another favorable decision in a National Security Clearance case following a written submission to a Statement of Reasons commonly referred to as an SOR. Applicant, an honorably discharged Navy veteran and loyal United States Citizen, was issued a Statement of Reasons due to serious financial considerations including bankruptcy, past due payments, collections and judgments totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. Applicant was issued a Statement of Reasons for government’s concerns regarding his sexual behavior and personal conduct.
The case was litigated aggressively and testimony, evidence and military records were all introduced by me into evidence. My client did well on the witness stand and our Trial Notebook was fantastic.  Our evidence in mitigation was accepted by the court and the judge agreed with my closing arguments. Testimonials““Thank you sooooo very much again for all of your help with my security clearance matter. Intelligent Analysts, Defense Engineers, Linguists, private Polygraph Examiners and others are in high demand. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. This country’s leading security clearance lawyer, Alan Edmunds, is providing guidance to people involved with this issue and also discussing reporting requirements.
I know it is hard to believe that any country is favorable to USA, but use your imagination. You can show that the only reason you have it was because of your parent’s citizenship or because you were born in a foreign country.

You might show that all that foreign nonsense took place before you became a US citizen or when you were a kid. However, if you mess up, even once, and don’t provide enough information or don’t state information in a particular way, you are going to wind up having to defend a Statement of Reasons (SOR). They may be financial problems, they may be psychological problems, it may be that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend trying to get their citizenship. Attorney Edmunds has a global reputation for success in helping both civilian and military clients who have received notice of a denied National Security Clearance. Attorney Edmunds appears across the country and posts his case victories on the law firm web sites for client review.
The Edmunds Law Firm can win the clearance at this early stage and does on many occasions.  Visit our websites to review cases won with just the Response. Alan Edmunds represented this client, and provided evidence and testimony to the Judge at the hearing.  With the experience and knowledge of Mr. Government received a Statement of Reasons for Financial issues and Personal Conduct issues.
The case involved a client who refused to sign a medical release form and was subsequently fired from his job.
The Edmunds Law Firm, through a written response to the Statement of Reasons, mitigated the government’s concerns with Applicant’s financial considerations by proving the financial debts were caused by circumstances outside Applicant’s control.
For six years, Applicant viewed adult pornographic material on government computers while working for a government agency. Edmunds, frequently called, the DOHA lawyer, can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.
I recently received notice of another VICTORY resulting from a formal DOHA Hearing held in Arlington, VA.  The case is memorable because my client was an Active duty MAJ in the Air Force.
WE know issues of military members relative to applications for a National Security Clearance.. In other words, about 155% of the Marine Corps’ active duty personnel were somehow eligible for security clearance.In the Navy, 125% of the civilian workforce was eligible to access secret information, as were 120% of the Army’s civilian employees.How is this possible? When you receive a Statement of Reasons, they will let you know exactly what is bothering them about giving you your security clearance.
The DOD’s Guideline C concerns are that you will prefer a foreign country so much that your decision making will be compromised. If possible, it would be great if the US Government encouraged you to vote in the foreign election. To top it all off you just want to be done with the barrage of questions being hurled at you. To be honest, you may have to anyway…lawyers aren’t gods…even though they would like to think so sometimes.
The Edmunds Law Firm has offices coast to coast and appears in formal security clearance hearings in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Edmunds introduced evidence and called witnesses showing that the concerns of the gov’t were mitigated. The case involved over 16 debts that the applicant had that arose from a difficult period in his life.
The Hearing was very contested and the gov’t attorney was very aggressive in their cross examination of the applicant.
Edmunds and his staff responded the allegations listed in the Statement of Reasons through a professionally written response.

The Statement of Reasons had over 15 allegations of Financial debt and Personal Conduct issues. When Applicant’s security clearance revocation was upheld after a hearing, attorney Alan Edmunds of the Edmund’s Law Firm successfully mitigated the government’s concerns in a reapplication brief.
Attorney Edmunds is the #1 lawyer in the DOHA system  on a national basis.  His team of professionals travel around the globe helping both active duty and civilian clients from all types of industries.
Filling it out correctly means the difference between getting your security clearance and being denied and possibly sacrificing your career. In addition to the “additional space” provided at the very end for questions 11, 12, and 13, you can always add your own paper. That SOR lists reasons why you should have gotten a security clearance lawyer in the first place. We know about the Department of Defense Statement of Reasons we know what you are going through and we know what the Department of Defense is looking for. Regardless the Department of Defense Statement of Reasons must be dealt with and a response constructed. They can present a case to the Department of Defense that may be hard for you to see because you are embroiled in the mess of having your life put under the microscope. Attorney Edmunds introduced evidence including numerous documents and testimony which the judge found to be sufficient to mitigate the gov’t concerns. Alan Edmunds represented the Contractor at his hearing, and through testimony and the submission of exhibits, Mr. The arguments that were presented mitigated all of the government concerns and our client was granted his security clearance without a formal hearing.
The Marine’s reported having 355,030 active-duty personnel eligible to access to classified information in fiscal year 2013.
The Department of Defense (DOD) divided up their problems with your life into 13 neat categories all labeled with a letter. The best thing to do if you are confused by the SF-86 is to call an attorney who specializes in security clearance law, like those at the Edmunds Law Firm. When you need security clearance, the process starts with you being asked to fill out a Standard Form 86 (SF86). Your security clearance lawyer has read t his document more times than they would like to admit and knows it inside and out. They are reasons why your security clearance is not going through.  Don’t wait until you are handed your SOR, do the right thing, protect your livelihood to the best of your ability, and hire a good, seasoned security clearance lawyer to assist you in your SF86.
If you receive a Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, call Edmunds Law Firm today and get the help you need. This Government Contractor was able to maintain his security clearance and continue with his job.
Edmunds and his staff prepared a professionally written response to the Governments allegations. As a result of this written response, the Contractor received a favorable Security Clearance Determination.
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