Colonel von Horst (Warren Clarke) uses a Walther P38 to threaten Nick after he smarts-off in German.
French Resistance leader and secret traitor Nigel (Christopher Villiers) uses a Luger P08 when he abducts Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge) at the climax.
During the shootout at the farm between the Resistance members and East German troops, Nick Rivers is given a SIG P210 to use against the Germans. Nigel, holding a silver pearl-handled revolver, takes up position near a mostly-broken window. In an obvious satire of old B-Movie westerns and gangster movies, Nigel goes for the one unbroken window, smashes it with his revolver and shoots through that.
Deja Vu (Jim Carter) tries to break a window using a revolver, only for the barrel to bend. The MP40 is seen quite frequently in the hands of the East Germans and the French Resistance. During the "Skeet Surfin'" scene near the beginning of the movie, the surfers can be seen with a variety of shotguns. An MG34 is seen mounted on an East German car that chases the heroes after they rescue Hillary's father from Flergendorf Prison. The soldier riding in back wields the MG34 (trivia: this is the same mockup of a Mercedes-Benz G5 used in Raiders of the Lost Ark).
The soldier in back continues firing the MG34 even as the car heads wildly out of control and right into a Ford Pinto.
Chocolate Mousse (Eddie Tagoe) uses a muzzle-loading field cannon during the attack on the French Resistance's headquarters. One of the few confirmed examples of hidden smut within a Disney flick, although it took more than two decades to identify.
Consequently it was Disney which was forced to play the part of rescuer, as it recalled more than 3 million video editions of the offending movie.
However, it is also claimed he says something along the lines of “Good kitty, take off and go.” Whatever the truth of the matter, the potential for misinterpretation was enough for Disney to nix the line for the movie’s DVD release.

Yes this was a Disney production, released under the Touchstone Pictures banner when the obvious sexual innuendos in the final product proved too risque for the top brass. A tired and dejected Simba drops to the ground, causing a cloud of dust to spray up from underneath him. With outright denial not an option, the animation team pleaded a defence of misinterpretation, claiming that the letters were actually ‘SFX’, and that the subliminal message was simply an expression of acclaim for the movie’s special effects team.
The Little Mermaid controversy is slightly different from the other episodes in the rest of this list in that A) the offending article is not actually in the film, but rather hidden in the promotional artwork, and B) it is not really hidden, being a fairly glaring phallus pulsing out from a background castle. The designer claims it was all an innocent accident, the result of tiredness from working late in order to deliver the finished portrait. I’ve heard of most of these before, and do believe that these animators try to see what they can get away with. In The Goofy Movie- I saw when the boy Max is singing on his way home riding his skateboard. I have heard that in Aladin when Jasmine is in the hourglass Aladin tells her to take off her clothes. I have seen these before as well, and agree, animators try to see just what they can get away with. In disneys goofy movie in the concert with powerline after max falls on the stage, powerlines legs breafly form the shape of a male reproductive organ.
I agree with the fax that the animaters tried to hide stuff but even children movies have to have some adult humor. A strange mix that might have been titled "Beach Blanket Espionage," this overlooked comedy by Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker doesn't always work, nor does it measure up to their hilarious AIRPLANE!. Spy movie spoof, in which an American rock 'n' roll star gets caught up in Nazi espionage while touring Europe.
Review: A strange mix that might have been titled "Beach Blanket Espionage," this overlooked comedy by Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker doesn't always work, nor does it measure up to their hilarious AIRPLANE!.
The part where he riles up the bicycles and the rare up and ride away as they are trying to escape gets me every time.

During one scene, Chocolate Mousse "loads" his weapon like a musket, even pouring gunpowder and using a ramrod. Also, in when the East Germans attack the Resistance headquarters, a German soldier, for some reason, is using an M1 Garand. For it was only on the 1999 home entertainment release of The Rescuers that a blink-and-you’d-miss-it glimpse of a topless woman was identified in two non-consecutive frames, during a sequence in which the vermin lead characters are flying through the city on the back of an albatross. It was 1988, and Bush was everywhere, mostly as a consequence of George the elder’s successful quest to win the presidency. But the dust particles behave oddly, swirling to form letters that appear to spell out… spell out what?
And if you believe that, you’ll believe that The Lion King was indeed Disney’s first feature with an original story, and did not in fact feature some non-too subtle lifts from Osama Tezuka’s Kimba the White Lion. But even if that explanation is accepted, The Little Mermaid was not limited to a single accusation of including subliminal filth; there was also a suggestion that in the first wedding scene, the presiding bishop has a very definite boner. I think it belongs right alongside The Naked Gun, Airplane!, Spaceballs, Austin Powers, and Young Frankenstein in the pantheon of classic parodies. It’s regularly suggested that the House of Mouse snuck various innuendos and obscenities into their animated family output. But it also put in a most unexpected appearance when svelte siren Jessica Rabbit was hurled from the ‘toon taxi – she lands spinning and on the second turn someone forgot to draw her underwear. This one is a little muddy: as Aladdin goes to see Princess Jasmine, he is forced to try and wrangle with her tiger and, off-screen, he does seem to utter the offending line cited above.
Also when Gaston is falling after his fight his pupils or rather in them for one frame is a skull.
Not to mention the singing blonde women and the hat maker make the diablo symbol with their hands like so many world leaders have been shown doing.

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