At Earth Spirit Yoga we provide an opportunity for personal change which allows for a potent and tangible insight into our own true capabilities and potential.
We can access the part of ourselves that is free of doubt and fear and release an extraordinary force within that is omnipresent and capable of liberation and transformation. If you have the courage to blast through the shackles of your own mind and perception then join us in Peru and Bolivia. At Earth Spirit Yoga we have designed our retreats & expeditions integrating a multitude of powerful experiences to create focussed, profound and life changing journeys for all who want to a€?thrive and excela€™. We have two decades of experience working with powerful high profile traditional spiritual leaders, wisdom keepers and medicine people and a decade of facilitating our Wisdom Keepers Retreats & Expeditions in South America. We have the skills, knowledge, wisdom and the necessary vital connections and relationships to offer a professional and complete service.
Due to demand we have expanded our range of powerfully transformational retreats & expeditions in South America to meet the needs of our clients.
With a decade of experience our ceremonies are extremely safe, well orchestrated and refined.
Earth Spirit Yoga works exclusively with traditional native Medicine People with whom we have a long standing relationship. A small sleepy town in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, Rishikesh shot to fame in 1970's when the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram. Besides being a holy destinations for Hindus and the yoga capital for foreigners, Rishikesh has other attractions too. In all the chaos of the city - mayhem of people and traffic, a calm spirituality is felt everywhere, in the old lanes of Varanasi. Bodh Gaya is the place where Lord Buddha siting under the Bodhi Tree ended his search for enlightenment. Bodh Gaya has many monasteries and few institutes that run courses and meditation programs all through the year.
Perched high up in the foothills of the Himalayas lies Dharamshala, a small town which has embraced with love His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama with open arms. The scenic Kangra Valley and surrounded by vast greenery and open skies, Dharamshala is truly a place where one can come to forget routine hectic life and get a taste of spirituality. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Spiti and Lahaul valley region is like what Ladakh probably used to be 20 years ago.
Khajuraho is mostly just identified for its erotic temple carvings but only with a visit to this little town will you experience how spirituality and sensuality meet in a blissful celebration of life.
Khajuraho has all kinds of accommodation available, including five star hotels and an airport. We invite you to Ancestors of the Earth and Stars: Crystal Skulls, Merlin and the Sidhe with Sound Activations at Sacred Sites.
In days of old, a Druid Shaman known as Merlin incarnated on this earth to the raise the consciousness of the planet. Millions of years before this, he came to earth to join with his Divine Partner, the Mother Goddess, caretaker of the land and nature-- also known as the Sidhe (fairy realm).
Ethereal Crystals: By being initiated into the Ethereal Crystals you will be able to facilitate these energies through your intention. The 'Heartsong' Meditation is sung and works in conjunction with a painting called the 'Heartsong Angel'.
Having released and journeyed to the 44:44 Blue Star Angel Gate and seeing who you truly are with the help of the Skulls, Sound (Heartsong) and the Sword (Melchonova) to bring in the new crystalline you, are you now ready to take the most important step, your Initiation into Truth's Light?
Are you ready to stand in the Light of Truth and Light the Path for Others like Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table did? The Hurlers stone circles are among the most impressive in Cornwall, and are in fact three stone circles. It has been noted that flat lozenge shaped stones tend to alternate with more slender uprights and it has been proposed that the former represent the feminine principle whilst the latter represent the masculine. Tintagel Castle stands on windswept cliffs in North Cornwall on one of England's most dramatic coastlines.
Many claim that Tintagel is one of the most romantic places in the UK, with beautiful walks along the Cornish Coastal Path.
This is a hands on learning session with everyone having a turn on the table for shorter instructions on how to choose and place stones, the preferred essential essences and oils and the suggested way to massage with hot stones.
This will be a great technique to know if you enjoy giving your partner a massage and want to try some new methods with Francine Lacelle.
Come enjoy our psychic mediums, learn about tarot, all things spiritual, connect with spirit.
We are offering a variety of workshops from 1-5pm throughout the year, often on Saturday, and mini sessions generally from 7-9pm with various themes and guest speakers throughout the year, most likely week nights. Our first Spiritual Spa Day included a noted medium, Tarot card reader, energy massage, healing, spirit painting, and a meal. Locations include the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, the magnificent Andes mountains, the Sacred Valley of the Inka and the very stunning Lake Titicaca.

They cleanse, purify, regenerate, energise and transform our very being to enable us to heal our bodies and minds and connect more deeply with our own inner knowledge, wisdom and power.
They carry the wisdom and power of an unbroken and impeccable lineage as the health and well being of clients is essential.
The only way one can really appreciate this true meaning of this place is by staying here for few days and living the life that all Aurovillans live, by being part of the community. It has ever since been one of the top destinations for people around the world looking for spiritual retreats. Varanasi has been an ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus since ancient times and they believe it to be abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati. There could be hardly a better place if you are looking to take a break and immerge in meditation and take out time for some deep introspection. Many of these provide accommodation facilities as well, which are very decent and a good option for this purpose.
Home to thousands of Tibetan refugees and Tibetan government in exile, Dharamshala still comes alive whenever Dalai Lama is in town. Spiti in the upper Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, is not only a land of boundless beauty but also considered as a great destination for self-discovery, meditation and spirituality. Originally home to about 85 temples built between the 9th and 14th century, only 25 still stand today. Subscribe to our blog so that you never miss on a chance to discover a new place, share Trodly with friends and spread the wanderlust. He is also known by other names in other lives and later came to be known as the ascended master, St. One of the sacred places that this story has been woven into the landscape is sacred Cornwall in Tintagel, home of Arthurian legend and many sacred stone circles, healing wells, castles, caves, and energetic ley lines. Through the initiation you will be attuned to a special crystalline energy and by using your intention you will have access to many different crystals. This is not an easy task, for once you have been initiated the Truth will be shown and spoken, and you may see your nearest and dearest in a new light. Through the initiation you will be attuned to a special crystalline energy and by using your intention you will have acces to many different crystals.
The circles actually date from sometime between 2,500 BC and 1,600 BC, and are around 4,000 years old.
Excavations revealed a quartz crystal 'floor' within the central circle and the small granite block currently sited within the circle may originally have marked the true centre. The central circle is the meeting point of the Michael and Mary lines, described in "The Sun and the Serpent" and dowsed by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst. It's been suggested that rocks like the Cheesewring are the worn-down stumps of "a power house where Sarron and Samothes, royal colonists from Atlantis stored their subtle force. He was a self-educated 18thC stonecutter who lived with his family in a strange rock built "cave". Nectan's Glen has been described as amongst the ten most important spiritual sites in the UK. People who visit the kieve pay their respects to the spirits of place and there have been many stories of mysterious happenings at the kieve.
The Castle is believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur, Merlin, and the magical sword, Excaliber.
Merlin is said to have lived in a cave below the fortress of Tintagel while King Arthur grew up, to be his teacher. According to the legend, it is here that King Arthur rowed out to the Lady of the Lake and received the sword Excalibur.
Just know that you will leave with a smile on your face and a feeling of inner peace and perhaps some new friends. If this is you then you need to take a break that gives you some peace and for a change, some stillness in life. For starters you can book a stay inside Auroville through their website; there plenty of options - from eco-huts in middle of dense vegitation to sea side cottages, just make sure you book them well in advance. Just about five hour drive from Delhi and an hour’s drive from Haridwar, Rishikesh was always easily approachable. Adventure seekers looking for thrill of rafting one the waters of Ganges, visit all the year round.
Pilgrims flock to Ghats (stone steps leading down to the river) of Ganges in Varanasi with the belief that sacred waters of the river will cleanse away sins of current life with its purifying waters. The Mahabodhi temple stands here since the time of King Ashoka and is oldest Buddhist temples that survives till date. Round the year meditations are held are many monasteries and temples here and public teachings sessions are performed by His Holiness whenever he is in town. Deep in the jungles of central India, people had realized the power of yoga and tantric meditation, sexuality and spirituality went hand in hand.
At this sacred location, we will celebrate and explore the connection with crystal skulls and our ancestors, as well as the relationship between the original 13 planets and the 13 crystal skull consciousness and the time of ascension in which we currently are experiencing.

It is about standing in the Light of Truth and people who you come into contact with, feeling this.
If you look to the east you will see the remains of cairns on Caradon Hill which may have been placed to mark the sunrises leading up to Samhain. The stone circles on Bodmin Moor seem to have been sited in a careful relationship with significant hills and tors. Gumb was a mystic who seems to have been obsessed with sacred geometry and he carved symbols on rocks across the moor. There is a small round hole in the capstone at its highest corner and a small rectangular piece missing from the front closing slab allowing a tight squeeze into the chamber. There never was a St Nectan, the name is a Christianised form of the Cornish water god - Nechtan. It is an awe-inspiring place to visit and soak up the atmosphere generated by the dramatic views and wonderful legends. The pool is also the place where Bedivere returned Excalibur as Arthur lay dying after the Battle of Camlann.
One of our workshops will interest you, I promise you this because you tell us what you want to see and do. Instead of getting stuck on the roads of crowded places, you need to take a spiritually uplifting destinations. Most parts of Auroville do not have mobile networks, most roads are unpaved with street lights - a perfect place contemplate life and it's meaning. Various ashrams offering yoga and meditation courses and true environment needed for spiritual awakening still remain thronged with foreigners seeking a look at life from a new perspective. Due to it's mysticism and unique culture, Varanasi is a popular destination for foreign tourists in India. Wheather it is moksha you are seeking or search for something that you are not aware as of yet, Varanasi is surely a place to experience, to come and see the oldest living city in the world, that must be something right! With ancient monasteries spread far and wide all over the region, you can experience nature and spirituality at close quarters here. We will offer several transformational workshops, activations for healing and raising consciousness with sound vibration. By being attuned to the Ethereal Crystals you would not have to buy the stones if you choose not to. When the 'Heartsong' Meditation is sung with the picture, Blue Star the Skull and Melchonova the Sword of Truth (an aspect of Excalibur), there will be a releasing of the old we no longer need and a bringing in of the new crystalline you.
The Oneness and Interconnections of the Skulls, Sound; the Sword all working together with us, to reach the goal of the Stone (Mother Earth) Ascension. If you follow the line of the circles deeper into the moor you will come to Rillaton Barrow which may have been on a druidic processional way from the Hurlers to the Cheesewring. Cornwall has a tradition of "carreck sans", holy rocks, and to sit under the Cheesewring while the wind makes it vibrate and mutter is a powerful experience. The western support stone has collapsed inwards leaving the capstone looking as if it is defying gravity. Hundreds of clouties, messages and small offerings crowd the minute ledges of the steep sides of the glen.
Image These sound activations will take place at sacred sites of initiation and powerful energies in the area, such as Bodmin Moor, Tintagel Castle, Merlin's Cave, and St. When you are bathed in sound you are allowing your cells to be put back to your original divine blue print.
According to the legend if you are there at sunrise you'll see the top stone turn three times. There was once an earth mound around it, though little remains, but the capstone was probably always exposed. The crystal will stay as long as it is needed and will fade away by itself if it is no longer neccesary. The meditation will be followed by a sound journey where, with the help of the Thunderbird*, you will be taken to the 44:44 Blue Star Angel Gate, where you will see who you truly are! Her silver eyes hold Mirabiel's light (the eyes of Heaven) her heart radiates the power of Mazuriel's Suns of all Suns Sacred Heart of the Creator.
Water of life flows from her back while her tail represents the Ennead Angels (9 Blue Star Seraphim) guiding force to mankind Angela McGerr). The water of St Nectan's Kieve is said to have been blessed by Nectan and consequently possess healing properties.
People who visit the kieve have been known to bathe or stand in the waters for healing, and there are many offerings left beside the kieve as well.
Legend also has it that the brave Knights of the King Arthur's Round Table went here to be anointed before and after their search for the Holy Grail.

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