Hi there, I used Streugras (sprinkle grass) by NOCH and the gravel is also made by NOCH but its normally for railways. In addition to visiting theme parks, doing C H R I S T M A S light shows is my second hobby! These pages are in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Cedar Fair, Legoland, Merlin Entertainment, Blackstone, Tussaud's Group, Six Flags, Universal Theme Parks, the Walt Disney Company or any other theme park company.
Wow they seem to working really fast on this, I should hopefully be going next weekend, so I will get a few pics of the consruction.
Although I really detest W&G, I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation take place.
Hello all, So it's that time of year in the part of Germany where I live when the Fair (Kirmes) comes to the Crange.
Conklin's Doppel Looping and Laser at Dorney were separate rides with very similar or identical layouts.
Hi here is a recreation of Oziris at Parc Asterix that iv been working on iv used custom scenery and a B&M CTR, i know the station is meant to be directly behind the underground drop before the zero-g but due to the limits of rct3 tracks the recreation isnt 100% accurate, hope you enjoy pictures are Below.
Hey all, I have been building a model roller coaster and I wanted to make a S&S double shot tower to go with it, So I decided to make a new thread just for the tower.
Hey thanks for the comment,If you mean small as in scale then I work in H0 scale 1:87 which is a small scale to work in,Or if you mean small as in it doesn't look very tall then the tower I was aiming to make is a double shot like the one at Indiana Beachor Starblaster at Canobie Lake. Hey all, I started another project on RCT3 and i'v decided to have a go at making Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Okay, so for christmas I got some street lamps today I wired them up with a switch to turn them on and off. These two, just because I've only just watched Devil and didn't follow the story because I was gawping.
Definitely going to be one of the childhood nostalgia rides for me if I get out to Blackpool within the next decade.

I just got out of Hospital, long story, And my girlfriend took me down to see the coaster as she knew it would cheer me up. It always amazes me when I see larger(ish) coasters like this that are taken apart and moved around from location to location! I read on RCDB that the coaster from Dorney Park was bought buy German show men and is called TestTrack, but i'v never seen it at any fairs here? Check out this project that I've been working on!Check out my portfolio on Wordpress!Like the Penn State Theme Park Engineering Group on Facebook! Do you know what I mean?Otherwise I just saw that the one at Canonie Lake Park is 80ft tall. So I was down there today and got a few photo's of the guys building the Olympia Looping up. The S&S tower looks awesome, and I was really shocked at how good the B&M track looks!
A RMC track topper style coaster, complete with a S&S shot and drop tower 'Shield Blast' The Model is complete with people and working street lights. Im always checking out the progress of the airplane, It for ever amazes me and gives me the inspiration to continue with my project.
I managed to ride this at Oktoberfest last year in Munich so I'm excited that its a bit closer to home for me to ride this time. And yet they always seem to run more reliably than Six Flags coasters that spend all their life put together in one park!Can't wait for the new photos!!
I have wheels to add to make it run up and down but putting them on is currently proving difficult. Nothing is finished yet but I just wanted to start a new project along side my own park Six flags Heavens harbour. It took over 1 year to build with some complications along the way, but I'm so happy how it turned out.

Since you just got out of hospital and have nothing else to do maybe you could sit on a lawn chair with a case of beer and watch them build.Where is Crange? Iv started on the back of the park with Superman, Iron Rattler, Power surge and a few buildings. I hope you enjoyed my project and thanks for the support when I went through moments of wanting to give up and never seeing it's completion day. The back side has some track and support work to be completed and stairs to and from the station.
And I started working on the coaster queue line I haven't stuck anything down yet as I have work to do on the station with rails and stairs.
A pool table sized RCT model sounds like a good project would have to be done on a grid and have puke on the paths Il leave it to someone else to do because this model is taken me a year+ and its only 55cm x 100cm. And i'v made Batman as best I could with an ingame coaster In sandbox ready to be placed in the park when I get to that bit. And more work with the mesh fence to add, but heres what it will all kind of look like together. Are you going to be building a train for your airplane model to have abandoned in the station or something? I'm in 2 minds about building one for mine to place on the track somewhere.I started building the trains today, and already I have 10 identical chassis almost all built!

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