Ubuntu 13.04 will be available for download in a few hours and since many of you will be installing it as soon as it's released, here are 7 useful things you can do right after the installation. My Weather indicator supports OpenWeatherMap and Yahoo weather services out of the box and you can also use Wunderground or World Weather Online if you sign up to get your own API (see how to do that, HERE). Jupiter used to be one of the first things to install after a fresh Ubuntu installation, but unfortunately the application has been discontinued and the old version doesn't work properly in Ubuntu 13.04. This doesn't have anything to do with battery life is an important tweak nevertheless: if you're using a SSD, it's pretty important to enable TRIM so its performance doesn't decrease over time.

Skype currently crashes on start for Ubuntu 13.04 users that have installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers. This will disable the controversial Shopping Lens along with the other online searches performed by the Friends lens or the Photo lens. Hopefully, the Ubuntu developers will have some time to fulfill these popular feature requests soon, but until then we can use some third-party indicators that work great. I use Google Calendar and if you use it too, you'll love Google Calendar Indicator, an application that can be used to easily add new Google Calendar events, display your current events with notifications, browse your calendars and so on.

There are quite a few steps to achieve this so I won't add instructions for how to do this in this post - you'll find them HERE instead.
For this, open Y PPA Manager (installation instructions below) and under "Advanced", select "Re-enable working PPAs after Ubuntu upgrade" and wait until Y PPA Manager scans all your PPAs, checks if they work with Ubuntu 13.04 and if they do, it enables them.

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