Kent Sayre is a certified NLP trainer who conducts workshops and lectures on the West Coast.
If you can dream it, you can do it--using the scientific methods of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). The secret is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the increasingly popular and scientifically proven personal development tool that teaches even the shyest person to act, look, sound and ultimately become more confident.

Through NLP, author Kent Sayre transformed himself from a painfully shy introvert into one of the nation's most dynamic NLP trainers.
It's the same winning program Sayre himself used to conquer a lifetime of shyness and it works for everyone. Now, with his proven system, you too can harness the power of NLP and: Blast out of your comfort zone Shatter your limiting beliefs Boost your confidence--instantly!

It's a step-by-step program of ready-to-use tools, verbal and nonverbal techniques, and practical thinking exercises that direct your mind toward your goals.

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